Thursday, March 24, 2011

Drug War Conspiracy...

I wrote an email to Michael Savage, talk radio host, but the only email addy I could find was no longer valid. So I post it here:

Dear Michael,

I was listening to a rebroadcast of one of your shows with my four-year-old -- and as you might guess, with the four-year-old, I missed details through distraction. What I heard you to say was that there was some study (missed who did it) that related marijuana to some mental disorder and that it was a high probability that if I smoke it I will develop the problem. Along with having listened to what you have said in the past about marijuana, I might suspect that you are not as well educated on the subject as you think you are.

No reputable study has linked marijuana to violent behavior (users tend to be less violent than “sober” people). And, in fact, in all the thousands of studies that have been done over the last 50 years, none made note of issues with mental disorders in their marijuana-smoking test subjects (there have been studies specifically looking for mental disorders that show a higher percentage of users with overall signs of depression than in the population at large, but concluding that the drug is necessarily creating the problem, without considering the possibility that people with depression are more likely to treat it, is poor statistical analysis). If marijuana is so likely to cause mental issues, you would think the studies, some fair percentage of them, would note this issue somewhere in their observations.

So I have to think the report you are quoting is from the same faction that gave us Reefer Madness, which told the American public that smoking marijuana turned one criminally insane. This is the faction that saw hemp as a threat to petro-oil investments (containing excellent hydrocarbons, hemp oil can run cars (Henry Ford made a car that ran on hemp oil), make plastics, and all other functions that petro-oil fills), paper-forest investments (W.R. Hearst was heavily invested in paper forests and made up stories of horrors in his effort to rid himself of the threat of hemp), pharmaceutical investments, beer and spirit manufacturers, textile manufacturers (e.g., cotton), pesticide companies (hemp requires little or no pesticide to grow unlike cotton), and more recently, prison-industrial complex investors. Conceivably even diet supplement and health food manufacturers might fall into the faction (since hemp seed provides an optimal balance of Omega-3 and -6 oils, protein and other healthful phytochemicals and could be seen to threaten their investments).

The faction also includes agencies of our government that use the black market created by the prohibitional laws to generate undocumented funds for their Black Ops.

The laws, in their prohibitionary nature, also create sanctioned excuses for the government to initiate, at no citizen’s request, invasions of privacy, and has suspended our right to hold our property until we have been proven in a court of law to have a debt owed (80% of people who have had property seized, on suspicion of drug involvement alone, are never charged with a crime).

Given the above, I might suspect that a lot of money is going into keeping marijuana illegal, and would include the money to issue a “study” engineered to misinform the public.

Meanwhile, reputable institutions worldwide are finding rather awesome benefits. Recently it has been discovered that, contrary to previous belief, the human brain is capable of building new neurons. Getting smarter, one must presume. Out of the University of Saskatchewan:

Most so-called drugs of abuse -- such as alcohol or cocaine -- inhibit the growth of new neurons, according to Xia Zhang, M.D., Ph.D., of the University of Saskatchewan.

"Only marijuana promotes neurogenesis," Dr. Zhang said. (Reported in the Journal of Clinical Investigation)

For years the fact that smoking it does NOT deteriorate the lungs has been known. (See the Kaiser Permanente study - "Marijuana Use and Mortality" April 1997 American Journal of Public Health and a UCLA study in Volume 155 of the American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine 1997.)

THC, the active ingredient in marijuana, has been shown to fight cancer in rats. The probability that the same is true in humans is quite high and the probability that the THC exacerbates cancer in humans is approaching nil. (CANADA: Pot Doesn't Cause Lung Cancer, Researcher Says: Toronto Star, 12 June 2001; New 126-Page Study, 'NTP Technical Report On The Toxicology And Carcinogenesis Studies Of 1-Trans-Delta-9-Tetrahydrocannabinol, CAS No. 1972-08-3, In F344/N Rats And B6C3F(1) Mice, Gavage Studies': February 1999 from AIDSNEWS.) This rather makes the Public “Service” Announcements about the threat of increased amounts of THC in “today’s marijuana” seem a bit disingenuous, eh?

The list of diseases that are seen to be treatable with marijuana, relieving symptoms or helping in prevention, currently includes:

• Stress
• Pain
• Depression
• Nausea
• Insomnia
• Anorexia
• Glaucoma
• Alzheimer’s
• Multiple Sclerosis
• Cancer (?)

Though novice users deteriorate in performance tests, experienced users actually increase in their scores on such tests (See Weil, AT, Norman & Nelson J.M. “Clinical & Psychological Effects of Marijuana in Man.” in Science. Vol. 162. 1968. p. 1234).

For decades we have known that experienced users score marginally BETTER on driving tests than their “sober” counterparts (See the State of Washington Department of Motor Vehicles study, Crancer, Alfred, et al. “Comparison of the Effects of Marihuana & Alcohol on Simulated Driving Performance.” in Science. Vol. 164. 1969. pp. 851-854). Further testing has shown this is indeed the case, and the whys (whatever they may be) do not change the end manifestation.

Not a single death has been attributed to marijuana use in the history of humankind. (Though, if it is found along with other substances in any media-profiled cases, it will surely be mentioned with implication that it contributed…)

There is quite a bit more I could go into, but I think you are getting the picture.

Given that America now has the highest per capita incarceration rate -- with only one twentieth of the world’s population, we are the proud incarcerator of over one quarter of the world’s jailed individuals -- I must think we are not “The Land of the Free.” And given that 70% or so of our incarcerated individuals are “in” for drug related charges, and that most of those charges stemmed from possession/sale of marijuana, I suspect that Prohibition is not healthy for the American Way (we discovered that with alcohol; you’d think we would learn).

We are locking up our productive citizens, taking on the responsibility and cost of their lives (not to mention the costs of hunting, capturing, processing, and trying them) while robbing society of the production they could be offering. We then use them as slaves in the prison-industrial system to the profit of the owners. In fact, it would seem that we are robbing our citizens of their freedom so that some amongst us can make money (protect their investments).

Is this ethical? From my perspective, this is one of the most vile, evil, and heinous immoralities a society could choose.

So do you contribute to the problem of locking up citizenry for profit by supporting the lies, distortions and disinformation spread by those with money to gain? I would say yes.

In case you’re wondering, yes. I do smoke marijuana, have for decades, and have had no issues. It relaxes me, allows me to bring forth patience with my child, promotes deeper thought, and enhances some of the finite moments of my life -- something I think I have a right to do as long as I hurt no one. And it seems I am not a threat to anyone while medicated with marijuana.

And in fact, I know a plethora of users -- heavy users -- and none show mental disorders. They are all relatively happy and productive citizens.

Given that an estimated 25 million of us use marijuana daily (and most driving daily), and given that 25 million of us are not creating a mental health, or any other, crisis in our society -- in fact, aside from the issue of illegality and its attendant problems, 25 million of us are not creating any issues in society -- I again suspect you are promoting tainted data.

Thank you for taking the time to read what I offer. I do appreciate it.



Ingredients in Vaccines...

I did a search for a topic specically on the ingredients used in vaccines and could find none. As I feel this is important information, and because I feel there is a nefarious effort to inject as many of the "useless eaters" with these "helpful" cocktails, I started this in General Conspiracies, not finding a good place otherwise. Move this thread if it belongs elsewhere.

From which is a list of what they put in vaccines:


(Used in vaccines as a tissue fixative)

Aust. National Research Council: Fewer than 20% but perhaps more than 10% of the general population may be susceptible to formaldehyde and may react acutely at any exposure level. More hazardous than most chemicals in 5 out of 12 ranking systems, on at least 8 federal regulatory lists, ranked as one of the most hazardous compounds (worst 10%) to ecosystems and human health (Environmental Defense Fund).

It is not safe at ANY level.

National Academy of Science:
There is no population threshold for irritation effects.

National Research Council:
Fewer than 20% but perhaps more than 10% of the general population may be susceptible to formaldehyde and may react acutely at any exposure level.

Formaldehyde is oxidised to formic acid which leads to acidosis and nerve damage. Acidosis can be described as a condition in which the acidity of the body tissues and fluids is abnormally high. The liver and the kidneys may also be damaged.

Other effects:

Eye; nasal; throat and pulmonary irritation; acute sense of smell; alters tissue proteins; anaemia; antibodies formation; apathy; blindness; blood in urine; blurred vision; body aches; bronchial spasms; bronchitis; burns nasal and throat; cardiac impairment; palpitations and arrhythmias; central nervous system depression; changes in higher cognitive functions; chemical sensitivity; chest pains and tightness; chronic vaginitis; colds; coma; conjunctivitis; constipation; convulsions; corneal erosion; cough; death; destruction of red blood cells; depression; dermatitis; diarrhoea; difficulty concentrating; disorientation; dizziness; ear aches; eczema; emotional upsets; ethmoid polyps; fatigue; fecula bleeding; foetal asphyxiation (and they don’t know what could cause SIDS?); flu-like or cold like illness; frequent urination with pain; gastritis; gastrointestinal inflammation; headaches; haemolytic anaemia; haemolytic haematuria; hoarseness; hyperactive airway disease; hyperactivity; hypomenstrual syndrome; immune system sensitiser; impaired (short) attention span; impaired capacity to attain attention; inability or difficulty swallowing; inability to recall words and names; inconsistent IQ profiles; inflammatory diseases of the reproductive organs; intestinal pain; intrinsic asthma; irritability; jaundice; joint pain; aches and swelling; kidney pain; laryngeal spasm; loss of memory; loss of sense of smell; loss of taste; malaise; menstrual and testicular pain; menstrual irregularities; metallic taste; muscle spasms and cramps; nasal congestions; crusting and mucosae inflammation; nausea; nosebleeds; numbness and tingling of the forearms and finger tips; pale, clammy skin; partial laryngeal paralysis; pneumonia; post nasal drip; pulmonary oedema; reduced body temperature; retarded speech pattern; ringing or tingling in the ear; schizophrenic-type symptoms; sensitivity to sound; shock; short term memory loss; shortness of breath; skin lesions; sneezing; sore throat; spacey feeling; speaking difficulty; sterility; swollen glands; tearing; thirst; tracheitis; tracheobronchitis; vertigo; vomiting blood; vomiting; wheezing.

References; C. Wilson; Chronic Exposure and Human Health (1993), McFarland & Company taken from Our Toxic Times Feb 1997 pgs 18 & 19.
Also, they link to this: which has the following, discussing the "mercury-free" vaccines:
During an investigation into the mercury issue, HAPI learned that
Thimerosal, a 50% mercury compound, is still being used to produce
most vaccines and that the manufacturers are simply "filtering it
out" of the final product. However, according to Boyd Haley, PhD,
Chemistry Department Chair, University of Kentucky, mercury binds to
the antigenic protein in the vaccine and cannot be completely, 100%
filtered out.

All four vaccine vials tested contained mercury despite manufacturer
claims that two of the vials were completely mercury free. All four
vials also contained aluminum, one nine times more than the other
three, which tremendously enhances the toxicity of mercury causing
neuronal death in the brain.
The WHO is now claiming that children have a "RIGHT" to be injected with these toxins. And plan to ensure that all children are forced to receive them...except, I will bet, the children of the Elite.

I have an answer to the problems of the world.

As many of you know, I wrote a book. Though it seems to be a work of fiction, in it I provide a map for making things better for all nearly 7 billion of us.

I have stated that the book is free, and I want it to be shared because, in order to work, the map must be considered by some crucial number of us (it must reach the tipping point). Once that number is reached, our behaviors will shift and a heaven on earth will emerge.

To all publishers - whether it is printing my book out and gifting it to others, publishing the link on blogs, sending the link in email, whatever - I wrote the following letter to you:

Dear Publisher,

Whether you are a Web Publisher or a Print Publisher – even those who might print out copies of my work and give them away – I address You, all.

If We suppose that the ideas I offer, in my admittedly amateur work, my book, The Abundance Paradigm… If these ideas were encountered by many minds on this planet of Ours, what might be the worst possible scenario?

I say it’s likely, in worst case, that We would continue on this path of falling apart. All the scary things We see around us will continue to emerge – war, famine, water shortages, UFO sightings, economic collapse, blaming, deception, greed, desperation, tears and fears.

What is the best outcome? The one I see as most likely? That from the Many of Us, us Individuals of Sentience, We will join in behavior from which will be emergent the abundance We really could choose to bring forth with what we have now.

So when reading my work, keep in mind that the world of personal choice I give You to consider is not out of reach. Even from a most mundane perspective of what really is going on in Our Universe, We have what it takes.

But the ideas I offer must be spread to work, and spread widely. And so, if You choose to publish what I give freely, be it copies made and given or the link to the book, I offer my deepest gratitude.

Thank You,




Choice Theory - Are you in control?

I learned something from Choice Theory (Dr. William Glasser)... If you are in mental pain, you are choosing it.

People say, "You hurt me by saying that!" In reality, the one saying that they have been hurt has chosen to feel hurt. Though we cannot control our emotions directly, we CAN control them by controlling what we think about and how we are thinking about it.

For example, one might hear something someone says and think, That person doesn't like me. And then... They may say, "You hurt me by saying that!" Or...

They can hear it, feel the pain momentarily (for there is about 2 seconds in which there is no control, only reaction), but then think, Maybe they don't like me, but even if they don't, I don't care. I can just move on. They may ask, "Why do you say it THAT way?" or, "What gave you that idea?" And so on.

So when one is in mental anguish, one may ask oneself, Why am I choosing to think about this this way? Or, simply, Why am I choosing to think about this?

From that point, one can think about something else, or find a more comforting way of thinking about the issue at hand.

One issue many deal with is chemical addiction... Many depressives, for example, are addicted to the chemicals depression produces. But, by always asking oneself WHY one is CHOOSING to feel (by choosing one's thoughts) a given mental pain, one will gain greater control.

When I first encountered the theory, I struggled against it, insisting that *I* "had no control over some things!" And, of course, that is true as far as what is outside of me. But I didn't want to take responsibility for what was INside of me. Yet as I thought about it, I came to conclude that taking responsibility was both fully justified AND possible.

When I came to accept that responsibility, I discovered an astonishing freedom. I cannot tell you how freeing it was - but when you reach that point (and you may have already...) you will know exactly what I am speaking of.

I know when I start to feel depressed, it is AMAZING how quickly I recover when I ask myself, Why am I choosing to depress?

Sometimes I get answers (like, my daughter is 3000 miles away and I can't get her back yet, as I have no money... And then I can start thinking about the fact that she is being fed organic whole foods, going to a school with an emphasis on math and science (when she was 4 she looked at me and said, "Mommy, math is EASY!" - I'm hoping she still thinks that when she hits calc and trig!), and is loved and cared for; the depression lifts), and sometimes I don't get an answer, but instead, the depression lifts anyway.

It is an awesome tool to take responsibility, fully and wholeheartedly, for one's own behavior. Most will say, "You made me do it!" I say, "I choose to do it, based on your input."

Interesting thing... No one has "control" of what is outside of themselves. The best we can hope for is influence. When we pick something up, we are highly influencing the object we pick up... But sometimes our influence falters and the object falls. If we were controlling it, it would never fall.

The ONLY thing we control (if we choose to) is our behavior. Most are taught that others control them (thus comments like "You made me do that..."), which is sad, really. When one is taught that others are in control, one is more readily influenced. And thus... We have the world we live in, with most of the people looking to others to solve their anguish.

And it is this the NWO and others use against us. They know that promising that they will "take care of" the problems (that they mostly have created in the first place), they can get by with awesome amounts of influence.

So ask yourself, the next time you are feeling poorly...why you are making that choice.

How do We Define the Human Hearted?

The way you define the Human Hearted is by Their Ethics. There are many on this planet, here Now, that are entrapped in a System involving a scarcity paradigm, wherein a corrupter of Ethics exists. For many Human Hearted the little ethics, the supporting base of Ethics, have been degraded. You know... The little daily things you do for money (directly or indirectly), whether it's doing that job you love to come home from and forget for a while, with a current of dread of doing it again tomorrow running behind the coast into relaxation, or the receiving of money "under the radar." For many, the connection to Ethics has weakened, as reasons for choosing actions ranging in degree, from minor infraction to total disregard for Ethics, are constructed in protection of that source of sustanence.

At this Time in Our planet's entire History, and for the first time, We are at a point where We can choose Our course planetwide. We have the power, via Robotics, to cast off slavery. You know, that week-at-a-time series of blips most (I presume) of us dread, and yet find a challenge in, as we do it, to maintain sanity - for money. And make choices that lack ethics, and thereby, Ethics.

We are now connected, as the Human Race... This is why the interweb is so much a threat (Rocky made no bones about this in a documented session. I have to make the deduction that there IS a "Them" (who would it be that would see the interweb as a threat, after all?) "They" would be the Lizard Hearted.) We, as a connected whole, are emergent. That is to say, what We do with what We have will result in the Now that defines our Race.

What We, as the representative beings, the Individuals of Sentience, choose to do at this time on this planet of Ours will determine how we will be seen whether there are aliens here now, or whether we encounter them in some future (and I assess that they are very much among us Now). And what We are, as Now develops, is likely to affect how they deal with Us.

Since We are connected, as the Human organism upon this planet, and it is the individual choices of behavior that dictate the representative manifestation of the whole, emergent leadership must occur if awareness and willingness are high enough.

And since it's very clear if one examines the data, that this planet has enough for all of us ten times over (Australia has enough land mass to give us each a quarter acre - every Individual of Sentience here Now - and still have a chunk of change left over; all of our fleshly mass would would fit in one side canyon of the Grand Canyon with plenty of space to spare) We have plenty available on this Pearl of Humanity, this System-crippled place that enslaves Us. And thus, the spread of the concept of "running out of resources" is likely much like global warming and carbon footprints, to accomplish the sucking of wealth from a duped populace, maintaining the status quo path.

We Now may choose to make decisions. These discisions, though affecting Our global presence in this Universe, can be made Individually. And if We have knowledge of the fact that We can change things, and choose according to that goal, the emergent behavior will be towards that goal.

With Our nervous system, the interweb, that brings Us together, We can make choices together. And as such, We have control of how We manifest in the dimension of Time. With this connected state We can examine what We have Ethically - IF We have the awareness of the concept of abundance and what its benefits are.

The optimal way for these ideas to spread, of course, would be if the Media toadies were to open wide on the concepts and facts. It is more difficult, at the moment, to accomplish this willingness than one might hope, but this is not insurmountable. If we spread the ideas, within a Code of Ethics, We could accomplish both the (abhorred!) Service to Self, freeing us from slavery and worry for the things that sustain Us, allowing us Each to follow our bliss AND the (glorified) Service to Others, bringing nourishment and love to those Now "less fortunate."

This solution, of bringing the knowledge and willingness to the point of tipping manifestation, would tip towards a double solution which satisfies other concepts as well. It is an act of Forgiveness. For We would not spend energy on unloving behavior towards those who now enslave Us. Our associations will be seldom and only by mutual choice. Or even amiable over all. That depends on the choices of the Individuals what will emerge over all.

What are the ingredient, other than the spread of an abundence paradigm, that would speed things along? If those who have the power to choose the sharing of information do so. Many may feel they're bound by their word, but given the state of things and where they're seemingly headed, I contend that the agreement is nullified. The goals are not as stated.

This outflow of information, were it to occur, would provide a good set of data regarding all the resources We have in terms of tech, energy availability, willingness, and innovation. What we would also see is the "Good Samaritan" effect emerge. People would take care of people in the interim, seeing the reality achievable.

A Code of Ethics, based on the three Laws - No hurting/killing of another; No damaging/stealing of others' property; No deceit in transactions made - should be chosen. This would go a long way to wards defining expectations of each Individual of Sentience. Beyond these three Laws, all other legislation revolves around the scarcity paradigm, in one way or another.

An optimal addition would be the ability to document one's acknowledgment transactions with others, based in informed willingness. Under the third Law, Informed Willingness is directly implied. I introduced the idea of the Personal Witness in my book, and if this was invented and made available, open source programmed and secure, the Datacube was how I envisioned this. But what emerges may be very different. This would eliminate surveilance in favor of witness.

Still, all programmed works, it would be optimal to agree on, should be open source programmed. Accepting a closed source - or hidden - program is at the user's, the Individual of Sentience's, choice. But understanding that things other than the stated purpose and goal of the program may be undermining behind the secret veil is likely to deter most from accepting such programs.

We should also choose to define Ourselves by our character. When one deals with people it's all about the acknowledgment of the other's existence. A measure of character is in how one chooses one's behavior in acknowledging another's existence. Are the behaviors Ethical? This is the yardstick by which We would best choose to judge others by. One of Ethics stands on principles based in the three Laws.

We would do well to acknowledge the absolute right of an Individual of Sentience over their own body. Though some think that in abundance, humans will overrun this planet, in countries where women have such control, the population growth is dramatically reducing, and in some places falling into the negative. Thus controlling our population is likely to become a matter of encouraging those who want children to have them, as opposed to the fearful thought that We would become too heavy a burden on our Pearl of Humanity, Our Earth. Thus is it an important point to stress.

We could choose to spend the trillions being sapped from Us to "bail out" Them to instead have public works towards a robotics development program, open source programmed, to eliminate the need to have human slaves. And then, the money spent will fall into disuse, as the abundance pours forth.

And We could spread the word of a website to propose solutions, offer resources, discuss options, and suggest actions. Herald it widely, and with the information and goals defined. In the beginning, some would have to put forth the effort to create this forum, but if the vision is clear, leaders will emerge. The start will be chaotic and very little will be observable in term s of results, but this will be a matter of months as the emergence of leaders takes place. Faster and faster, as more and more spark their expectations with the flame of the vision.

So who are the Human Hearted? That remains to be seen. How many are willing to move towards Ethical goals?

To You Media Toadies

You, yes, you, who are in the media... Do you toadie?

Do you ask the right or the wrong questions about what you see?

Do you pass on the true information about things that really matter? Or do you produce the fluff that is the mainstream, and is flooding the interweb?


Do you know that if each of us alive today (man-woman-child) were given 1/4 acre in, say, Australia, there would still be a chunk of Australia left over...? If you do, do you choose to not point that out?

Do you know that if you took the mass of all of us you could fit it into one small side canyon at the Grand Canyon, and still have room left over...? If you do, do you choose to not point that out?

Do you know that, based on the size of this planet, statistically speaking, we humans do not exist...? If you do, do you choose to not point that out?

Do you know that there is energy seething all around (and even within) us and that we can tap this energy...? If you do, do you choose to not point that out?

Do you know that we are at a point where, technologically, we can finally cast off slavery, with open-source programmed machinery - every job that no one wants to do is now within our capabilities to create programmed machinery to do? If you do, do you choose to not point that out?

Do you know that according to the Sumerian Tablets, we were genetically engineered...? If you do, do you choose to not point that out?

Do you know that there is enough on this planet to provide for every one of us ten times over...? If you do, do you choose to not point that out?

Do you know that the one cost that runs through all human endeavors, and accounts for most of the cost of products at the end of the line is energy...? If you do, do you choose to not point that out?

Do you know that if enough of us were thinking in an abundance paradigm, it would emerge from the choices we would make...? If you do, do you choose to not point that out?

Do you know that there ARE lizard hearted and human hearted on this planet and that neither is above the other - we are equals? If you do, do you choose to not point that out?

If the answer to one or more of these points above is yes on the first query and no on the second, you are a toadie.

So it is to you I speak. Now some of these points, alone, may seem to mean little, and some of you are off the conscious toadie hook by reasons of lacking the sight of where in the puzzle the piece fits. Perhaps this is most of you. But if you have all the above information, and have put it all together and STILL answer no at any point... Well then, you are the problem.

To those of you who have not put together these facts, or are in horror to the point of silence, or whatever your rationale for saying no to any of the facts above that you do know... I suggest you put these pieces together. Many of you probably said no to many of these points in the first query. To you, I suggest research. And then to you who have most, or even all, of this information but have not seen what this means on our planet at this time...

I suggest reading my book, which is my tool for demonstrating what we can do, now, IF the word gets out. IF you cast away your toadieness and answer yes henceforth to all of these. Or at least the parts you have confirmed... The picture will be spread and the abundance will emerge. Don't tear these down, trying to make it not work. Even if you throw out our genetic origins and aliens...

The rest is enough to build heaven with.

So ask yourself: Would I be happier if, as the Elite have the choice to do, I could choose to do with my time here what I love to do, or would I be happier scraping and bowing in the richness they allow me at the enormous cost to others?

Serve yourselves. It's ok. Take control of how you spend your time. Do what you can to make people aware that if we pooled our thoughts, and addressed our resources, and put our money (whatever THAT is) into making all hated jobs done robotically and publicly, and looked at the planet and where we could grow organic produce shepherded by tender robotic dens with instructions even to keep the bugs off the parts we eat... Because if you do... The heaven I show in my book will be emergent. By serving serve others.

Star Trek and Answers

A little story (I take no credit, having forgotten who told me this, but for the storytelling, which is mine):

A man from the early 21st century found himself transported by some time anomaly into the 24th century Star Trek universe. He is welcomed there and given a large house. He is shown the operation of the replicator and shortly left to his own devices. Gleefully he approached the replicator and began having it create gold dubloons. Soon, he has a room full of them. A room full of gold, stacked and toppled sat there, delivered from the replicator and accumulated in the room by the house robots. He stood, looking at the dream he had held since a boy.

He moves on to fill a room with mink, and other precious furs fashioned into lovely coats and other accessories. He looks over these amassed riches with glee, thinking of all the women he could give them to in return for favors.

In the next room he poured gems - rubies the size of fists, diamonds, sapphires, and emeralds, all so brilliant. His heart sang to see this pile that stood higher than he. What he could get people to do with all THIS... Oh, he sang with happiness in his heart.

But then... He got to thinking.

With all he wanted provided moment to moment, why would HE take any of this from another, unless there was some meaning placed on the actual object presented? And he looked at all this wealth he had placed around him and laughed. He instructed his robots to put all the creations back into the realm of probability from whence it came, and, asking for a catalog of what was available to wear, wanting to blend in, at least visually, and got himself ready to go out to see what was out there, realizing that what mattered was not these physical things, but how one chose to behave.

And he had to deal only with the people he built a good rapport with. All others were irrelevant. And in that rapport, Love would flourish.

Now you may say, what's that got to do with global meltdown, something that takes place hundreds of years in the "future" in a fantasy universe?

Here's some things to consider:

We are at a place Now where we can create the moneyless society Roddenberry brought, and though our time traveler went hundreds of years in the future, the story does not say when things changed from this money-driven scarcity paradigm to an abundance paradigm.

The reason I bring you this story is because, in my efforts to bring the abundance paradigm to as many as I can, as an answer to the NWO, the aliens, and any others who would control us through money, I have encountered the objection that "greed" would be the downfall. I have encountered the objection that if money went away, "something else will take its place."

So the point of my thread here is to show the absurdity of these objections, and to again invite those who may be unaware of the tool I offer to help others see and understand not only the abundance paradigm, but how we can get there.

The tool is my book. I offer it freely, and am honored by all who choose to read it.

Thank you to those who do, and especially to those who spread the paradigm.

The Lyrics to: Do the 'Digm

I am a poet and a lyricist (amongst other thing), and I wrote what follows in the hope of turning it into a popular (viral) song.

I know that people are creative and might see the value of using these lyrics in a creative endeavor. All I ask in return for their use is three things:

  • That any use on the web include the URL to my book, The Abundance Paradigm. ('Digm is pronounced "dime...") It is here:
  • That the words be distinct and understandable in the final creation
  • That you contact me in some fashion to show me your work.

This could be rap… This could be metal… This could be techno… This could be something else entirely. Be creative.

And so, without ado…I offer:

Do the 'Digm

Verse 1

Tainted Earth now at your hands
Poisoned air in sprayed-on bands
Genmod grain in wretched fields
Nutrition sacrificed for yields
Animals pumped full of stain
Disregarding any pain
Toxic tonnage sold as fine
In our water, kept in line


Abundance is there for everyone
Pass the Paradigm to daughter and son
Do whatever you can to release
All information, facilitate peace

Do the 'Digm
Do the 'Digm, 'Digm
Do the 'Digm

Verse 2

Molecules created for
Changing thinking at its core
Patented and sold to us
So that we don't make a fuss
Fuel depleted that you shoot
Radiating all, to boot
Deadly waste that you spew out
Industries from all about


Abundance is there for everyone
Pass the Paradigm to daughter and son
Do whatever you can to release
All information, facilitate peace

Do the 'Digm
Do the 'Digm, 'Digm
Do the 'Digm

Verse 3

Media, controlled yet dead,
Regurgitate into the head
Ideologies bereft
Of love, only pablum left
Dangle ladies dressed in red
Stick and carrot, we are led
Wanting that and nothing more
Thus oppressed we cannot soar


Abundance is there for everyone
Pass the Paradigm to daughter and son
Do whatever you can to release
All information, facilitate peace

Do the 'Digm
Do the 'Digm, 'Digm
Do the 'Digm

Verse 4

Tell us we are low and mean
Tell us we should primp and preen
Tell us we must buy your crap
(Our) Very spirit you would sap
Twisting history to say
It can be no other way
You suppress technology
We could use to set us free


Abundance is there for everyone
Pass the Paradigm to daughter and son
Do whatever you can to release
All information, facilitate peace

Do the 'Digm
Do the 'Digm, 'Digm
Do the 'Digm

Verse 5

Subtle poisons that we use
Chemicals in our shampoos
Food contained in petro plast
You irradiate to last
Chemicals for food and bath
Makeup, cremes, all in your path
Laundry soap and colored dyes
Poison you would hide with lies


Abundance is there for everyone
Pass the Paradigm to daughter and son
Do whatever you can to release
All information, facilitate peace

Do the 'Digm
Do the 'Digm, 'Digm
Do the 'Digm

Verse 6

Marijuana, you would lie,
Turns the mind into a fry
When, in fact, there is a link
Showing that it helps to think
Studies show the benefit
Many ills eased quite a bit
Yet you hunt us, force us berth [pause] as in prison [pause] in The System
Just for using Mother Earth


Abundance is there for everyone
Pass the Paradigm to daughter and son
Do whatever you can to release
All information, facilitate peace

Do the 'Digm
Do the 'Digm, 'Digm
Do the 'Digm

Verse 7

Made up threats to foster fear
False flags, aliens are near
(Aliens are here, alright
In control of human sight)
Flu and terrorists abound
Freaks are everywhere around
Duck this, fear that, we let go
All to you who run this show


Abundance is there for everyone
Pass the Paradigm to daughter and son
Do whatever you can to release
All information, facilitate peace

Do the 'Digm
Do the 'Digm, 'Digm
Do the 'Digm

Verse 8

Lies about tobacco and
Lies about the sun and sand
Lies about our place in life
Our history and our strife
Permeated is our Earth
With the crap we gain at birth
All the efforts to extol
Just to keep us in control


Abundance is there for everyone
Pass the Paradigm to daughter and son
Do whatever you can to release
All information, facilitate peace

Do the 'Digm
Do the 'Digm, 'Digm
Do the 'Digm

Verse 9

"There is not enough," you say
"(Be) Happy with your scraps today."
Lies again you tell; I see
Plenty that can set us free
Zero point energy will
Power all to all our fill
Resource distribution can
Feed and clothe us to a (hu)man


Abundance is there for everyone
Pass the Paradigm to daughter and son
Do whatever you can to release
All information, facilitate peace

Do the 'Digm
Do the 'Digm, 'Digm
Do the 'Digm

Another Letter from the Future

 [Please read The Abundance Paradigm found here: for context in the following]

By now, some of you are familiar with the story Izzy told – I know that a fair number of you here have read The Abundance Paradigm, and a fair number either refuse to read (too busy, perhaps), or you skimmed and scoffed…and a number of you have never heard of the paradigm at all.

Of course, for my future to happen, many of you must see what happened from my perspective, thereby allowing you to believe that it could work…

Sorry, let me introduce myself. I’m Professor Harold Inke, and though Izzy is a beautiful heart, her focus was on the story of Amelia. She is just so grateful. But her story didn’t address much the nuts and bolts of what happened as the abundance emerged from our choices.

Once Stephen Colbert – a true hero he! – let his viewers contemplate the paradigm via Amelia’s appearance on his show, a triad of people who worked behind the scene on cameras and scripts got together and since one was geeky, and knew how to program a website of excellent function, they put together AbundanceParadigm.web (that last more for its significance and less how it was accessed) and did it all open-source.

Everything was kept as straightforward as possible and the forums to discuss things were allowed to emerge from the initial setup, with a “one computer, one vote” setup to star posts one thinks are good, and the votes matriculated the ideas upwards as people starred others’ (but not their own) ideas.

Really, the site began with a place to post suggestions of what topics should be made into forums, and the star system led to the elevation of the things people cared about. Sure, it was work administering the site, reading the topics and throwing the ones that seemed frivolous into an open “trash” bin and archiving them, listening to defenses for ideas that were thus disposed of, and other administrative duties, but the goal was noble and the work had no shortage of efforts to grow with the project.

Suggestions that had star points up to the millions wound up being the prime things people were interested in solving.

The triad approached Stephen, their ultimate hero. Stephen, in his visionary wisdom, announced the site on his show. (In fact, the site was often worked in from there on…) Also, realizing bandwidth would rapidly be an issue, any who could help in that effort were invited to join. There were a few days here and there where it got sticky, but the problems were always solved. The rest of the media began a buzz about what Stephen had presented and about the ideas Amelia had brought forth, and the paradigm spread further.

There was a forum for Amelia’s Points, which included the development of Personal Witness in all its open-source glory, there was information on Zero Point Energy and how to extract it – that guy who called himself the Anti/Christ had his design, based on a crop glyph, win out, with the most elegant and easy to produce device, as many designs were built and tested (and could be watched through the process via the web)…

There was looking at the resources on the planet and integrating the process of drawing on these resources in the most organic way. Distribution went hand in hand with these efforts. And those who could see the farthest and understand the most rose out of the discussions

The robot freaks open-source programmed things to take care of us, things to do any work none (or not enough) of us wanted to do. A number gained world-wide acclaim for their efforts. It was a grand and glorious time as many brought their ideas and expertise together to publicly work on creating a robot to do every job no one wanted to do. Many of the first ones were done in spare time, but it really didn’t take long, with energy handled, until the efforts by the most active were fulltime bliss in their lives.

Shortly after the “Free Energy” forum started, the Anti/Christ’s victory was assured, and soon after that, small boxes with outlets became available on the market, and a whole house could be plugged into energy sources that ran for years and years. Computers came out that never had to be plugged in. Cars began to spring up, running on clean ZPE (Zero Point Energy) that never had to stop for gas… Factories and offices were switched as these inexpensive units were eagerly built by those whose bliss it would be to provide this world with free energy. And there were an astonishing number of them that came forth to build. Though many units were sold, most would be given as gifts.

Though Izzy’s world of Jump Doors and replicators was a bit in the future, just the freedom from energy worries (and costs!) made all the difference in the world.

People could run their air conditioning and their heat on free energy. They could run their cars. They could run all their electrics even in a tent. The number of people freed this way was staggering. Many opted to step back and go camping, with the new stoves, refrigerators, lights, heaters, air conditioners, composters and waste disposal units, and a car that flew in the sky (all were cheap because energy was no longer a cost all the way up the line of production), and many did not choose to come back – often working wirelessly from home at AbundanceParadigm.web.

Dean Kamen’s water purification device had high demand, once the energy to run it was available. Fresh, clean water was available to more and more, as the device was built and distributed. Africa, especially, benefited, though the whole world found use for the device that could purify the water at hand.

And the products themselves began to be thoughtfully produced, no longer tied to profit motive, and efforts were made, not to build something that would break down so another could be sold… They were built to last. And as products that lasted made their way back into our lives, the amount of waste dropped radically. Things that used to last a year or two now lasted 20 or 30… Or virtually forever.

Farms were developed to run organically and in harmony with nature. And it was gentle robot shepherds that were developed for the projects as they spread out. The poison that was genmod, the soil-sapping fertilizers, failure to rotate crops – all this vanished. In its place the Earth returned to a pastoral state.

As long as people needed distribution, they could request it – the system of distribution having been set up via AbundanceParadigm.web – and country stores as well as city markets were well stocked, and the food was first very cheap and then free. Many, having “gone camping,” started their own plots to grow food.

It did not take long for money to lose its hold of the humans on Earth. Though many thought this would be a long and involved process, it really took only a few years.

Yes, there was resistance by many a corporate toadie. It took a bit for it to dawn on them that they didn’t have to have a boss. The appeal of that finally won over many – most had a human heart, deep down, and only made choices as they did because they could see no other choice. They became involved in speaking truth, helping, and making it all happen…and then the rest, the lizard hearted, followed into the paradigm.

As money slipped into uselessness, as people could, more and more, just ask for things and were given them, the rules of the lands were found to be unnecessary. Only the three Laws were seen as needed. Do not willfully kill or harm another, do not willfully take or damage another’s property, and do not willfully defraud another. Regulations, statutes, acts, codes, mandates, and so on were ignored – who needs a tax code when there is no money to tax? Who needs the statutes on social services when no one needs social services? Who needs regulations when everything was built with care, and with an eye to lasting? When cheap crap was made no more?

It was standard for those who loved to create things to do so with camera running, so others could admire the process of craftsmanship that went into any effort. People avoided things mired in secrets. The more open about processes and programming, the more it was esteemed.

Open-source was the way to go, and though there were no rules against proprietary software, anyone who used the proprietary software did so at their own risk, whether it was in their computer or in their robots.

Many at the outset thought that Jump Doors and replicators were decades off, but they did not grasp what the results of the infinite point on the technology curve would be. Though there were efforts to disparage the fact that technology was advancing geometrically for the last 5,000ish years, with a very slow start, and in the 1800’s beginning noticeably upward, the 1900’s saw the curve shoot up enormously, and in the early 21st century… That rate of tech development was nearly pointing straight up. Nearing “infinite.” With information about many things once hidden in Black Ops and in corporate secret labs now flowing via AbundanceParadigm.web, the work people did – those who cared (which by then was most) – advanced at a phenomenal rate. And the advent of many wonderful and surprising technologies, including Jump Doors and replicators, burst out in glory.

Many solutions in one industry found a place in another. Issues that were solved in one effort were picked up by others in different pursuits to solve better their problems. As secrecy for profit motive vanished with money, information flowed freely.

The cures for many diseases also were taken from their suppressed state and made known. The evil of making chemicals to patent that masked issues and led to more – all for profit – stopped. The many cures that Earth Herself offered were reported on, and healthful technologies sprang up. Marijuana, in particular, was honestly reported on. Gone were the vapid suggestions that there was something wrong with it (doggies telling Lindsay they don’t like her when she’s high) and the many easements of ills, and the fact came to the fore that it promoted more loving behavior than even sober people exhibit.

Many evils were exposed and eliminated. Plans in the works that involved taking over the planet fell useless, and we moved away from profit and Machiavellian motives. And there were some mighty evil plans afoot. Though a number of you here would not want to believe just how fiendish the plans are, it was a good thing the abundance paradigm was allowed (via Stephen) to emerge. For if it had not, the planet would have seen great suffering and strife. The New World Order would have taken over, with a few “elite” and many either dead or enslaved.

Antigrav, which you now have in Black Ops, was released, and cars became free of the roadway – open-source programmed to avoid collisions – and houses were built that floated in the sky, and then more and then more moved skyward. Many chose to remain on the planet, but most moved into the space above the surface of Earth.

It all worked because, mostly, people cared. They wanted to make it better for both others and themselves. Though many of you to whom I write think that mostly people are greedy and don’t care, it is only that sense of futility, that belief that one is powerless, that leads to efforts to take care of oneself and damn the rest. Once hope and a sense of power were injected into the world society at large, things moved swiftly as people did what they could do.

Freed from the need to work to survive, many who cared were now able to afford their bliss, assisting those who needed help – whether it was finding for these unfortunate ones the cures, products and other necessities for a comfortable existence, or just adjusting to the new paradigm.

Once women were not dependent on men for their survival (as is the case now in many of your countries), they were empowered to control their own bodies. As a result, the birth rate dropped off, as they chose to have children, not to “help out,” or because they had to for the men’s egos, but because they were ready to love and cherish the children they chose.

And Earth’s population stabilized. You can see how this would be true merely by studying those countries where women now have control of their bodies. Population growth is dramatically slowing, and in some places has gone negative. And with a stable population, it became easy to plan for and distribute to those who were in need.

In fact, the ability to take part and offer ideas, bring up observed resources, work locally for the global benefit, and see the abundance paradigm manifest was empowering. It filled many who had felt no purpose in scarcity with a sense of worth. Everyone was talking about the efforts, and everyone with a computer could input on the overall effort.

As is shown in the science of emergence, a small few rose, by their efforts and general consent into leadership roles. All discussions were online and, if it was not talked about openly, it was seen as a glad-hand effort. The main efforts, indeed, all efforts went through the forums at AbundanceParadiigm.web. And Personal Witness was ideal to show others at the site what they saw, both in terms of problems and in terms of solutions.

Once hope returned, early on, people became more generous. They helped others more readily, and as they could. The true nature of humans, as loving and giving beings, came forth and the love of money – the root of all evil – went away. With only caring as a motivation, rather than profit, loving things (now affordable) were done.

The war profiteers lost the motive to instigate war while supplying both sides. The motive to lie for profit disappeared, and truth was spread instead. And humankind was freed.

Of course, now that I have shown you my future, you have a choice. You can be marched down into slavery and misery at the hands of a few who would presume that they are “better” than you, or you can spread the paradigm and bring forth true solutions to the problems you face. And they are bigger and more immanent than many of you are willing to face at this time.

Interestingly, Amelia was a little fearful that Stephen’s call for the illuminati to contact him had resulted in his being “brought over to the Dark Side.” This was before he proved that he really wanted to be The One. That One who opened the door of freedom to all humankind.

Amelia was once heard saying, in frustration early on, “Would you just let my people go!?!” And in the end, in choosing that path that led to ME, she did indeed free her people.

There is more, dear reader, but the rabbit hole is very deep and takes adjusting to, and at this time, I’ll leave you to read The Abundance Paradigm (found here: ) and you’ll pick up on a lot of the rest. My main purpose here has been to show you that with what you have now, you can choose to make it happen.

(If you have read The Abundance Paradigm, offered freely, I honor you.)

Dr. Harold Inke 

Who AM I? I am this Conscious spark

Who AM I? I am this Conscious spark – the manifestation of rational choice in a sensory soup of quantum events that co-respond to my thoughts and all others’. This co-response is the Now we all experience, the reality of things. Together we co-create Now, and as co-creators of the Universe we all have the choice to create in an ethical spectrum of behaviors. And it is through our behavior that we actually mold the clay of outcome in this quantum mechanical soup of reality. Thus, each of us contributes to what will be.

Given that we create together what we perceive, and given that the Creator is the one that creates reality, the sum of all consciousness, we are a part of the Creator AND we are each The Creator. We are Gods. (Who among us cannot say, “I AM?”)

Since we are all Gods, to control what we choose to create, the flow of information has been kept restricted. But that’s a path for another pondering.

We are all Gods, in our own right creators, convinced to wait for someone else to come and save us. Yet we have the choice to step into our power, as conscious co-creators – primarily Now because of the Internet and its ability to facilitate communication and community. As the Hopi say, we are the ones we’ve been waiting for.

Who AM I? Merely one who has chosen to do what I can to solve the problems of the world – nigh all of them – because I see the steps that we need to take to create that promised Heaven on Earth and want so badly for both its service to me and its service to everyone else. I step up to my responsibility as God amongst Gods, as it is I who sees what we could create Now for all of us. Hoping for the tipping point, I push into Awareness a paradigm, one of abundance – because I AM God, and I choose to create this for all of us. I AM a God capable of Love and will manifest this to the fullest I am given to do so.

Fear does not keep me from what I feel I must do, for I choose to feel no fear. I do not fear ridicule or retaliation, two of the most common attacks. Love is my guide and passion.

Your reality may vary.

I have a hard row to hoe – as Chris Anderson points out in his book, Free, on page 50:

Humans are wired to understand scarcity better than abundance. Just as we have evolved to overreact to threats and danger, one of our survival tactics is to focus on the risk that supplies are going to run out. Abundance, from an evolutionary perspective, resolves itself, while scarcity needs to be fought over.

So, I am up against a difficult shift of paradigm. Yet, because the reward is so great, I continue for all, in my open conspiracy for all on this planet.

Let Us Forgive.

Let Us Forgive.

Let us forgive the Down Trodden, who are reviled because they “take advantage of the system.”

Let us forgive the Power Elite who choose to create the Down Trodden by hiding technology and news.

Let us forgive the Toadies, who know they behave unethically, but the money and status lure them astray.

Let us forgive the Slaves, who have but a piece of the total picture and dutifully fulfill their Work ethic tasks in return for some time they think is free.

Let us forgive the Stars, the ones who show us what others want us to see.

Let us forgive the Influences who see Beings of human construction as cattle or sheep.

Let us forgive the Influences who have held so little faith in Beings of human construction.

Let us forgive the Liars, whether Down Trodden, Power Elite, Toadie, Slave, Star or Influence.

Let us forgive the Incurious, who reject much data and do not investigate.

Let us forgive those amongst us who do not believe as we do in matters of the Spirit.

Let us forgive Beings born of a different nature than ourselves, be the difference in preferences, physical configuration, capacity, ideology, coloration, or status – within the Three Laws.

Let us, instead, stand both tall and humble – tall in the knowledge that we are true Beings who are capable of Love, and humble in the awareness that we are equal to all others.

Let us show we are worthy of forgiveness and want our place as equals by forgiving our equals.

A New Political Concept

The most important thing my father ever taught me was to think in terms of probabilities. He taught me to examine every piece of information I get and assign it a probability of being true. For example, rather randomly, the idea that words convey communication – a “self evident” thing to most – I say to myself, based on the evidence I have collected, I give that a very high likelihood of being so. The probability I give it is about 99.999…%. Because there is some degree of error (or could be) in my understanding of the universe, I can never assign 100% or 0% to any idea. And this leads me to never be 100% incredulous or believing, and so I am willing to entertain all data without summarily dispensing with or accepting any of them.

Interconnecting information, seeing a field of information and associating its connections, is another art my father gifted me with, which aids in the adjustments of the probabilities I gauge. Number of reports, credibility of source, personal experience and trusted input (can’t trust anything 100%, either), and so on all are evaluated as time progresses and additional data come in.

Evaluating the credibility of the source is my responsibility, and on any fantastic claims, I give little benefit of doubt, but will not dismiss a source out of hand. And I will look at evidence and evaluate sources for any adjustment to the probabilities I have assigned, despite how crazy an idea might sound when I first encounter it.

And so, from what I have gathered…

I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that those of you who do not believe that some form of an evolutionary process formed the universe around us can go on in your fantasy world that you choose to accept, group together and pat yourselves on the back in your more or less shared belief, and as long as you leave the rest of us alone, go ahead in this delusion.

I base my assessments of the evident process evolving around me, in probabilistic terms – how likely is it that this creation has any given claimed explanation? How likely is it that the creation I see would be explained by the literal biblical view alone, versus the evolving process? In asking this question, which springs from a stance of questioning everything, I have to give this “Poof! God created this (some small number of years ago)” a very low probability. Maybe, very generously, 0.0000002%?

Having learned to assess things, not by a True/False method, but by assigning probabilities, adjusting them as additional data come along, I have come to see things in a radically different way than most, though thankfully, I see others who are calculating probabilities and not just flipping switches. Interestingly, those of us assigning probabilities are coming to a high concordance of perspective.

The problem with the switch method is that until we have glaring evidence before us that some “wild” claim is true, we will continue to behave as if the truth lies with a given switch in the off position (the claim is false) even when evidence would suggest it’s highly probable that the switch should be in the on position (the claim is true), because there are a lot of data that we emotionally don’t want to be true. We discard data and leave the switch in the off position.

In fact, even with glaring evidence of the truth of something, too many persist in keeping the switches in the off position – witness the belief that the world is flat, or that the Earth is the center of Creation. (I find it much more likely that Consciousness is at the center of Creation, and so every conscious thing is at the center of the Universe. Paradoxical it may seem – but not when considered in the light of quantum mechanics.)

The importance of probability in this experience of life is glaringly evident when looking at quantum mechanics (QM) – the very fabric of the rules in our universe. (Yes, I suppose one could say that we have faulty information and that there is no such thing as QM, but I really have to give that idea a vanishingly small probability, given the plethora of experiments showing the QM expectations are fullfilled.) QM is all about the probability of something being manifest, in an interplay of conscious observation and the zero point field.

(Another thing I suspect is that all “fields” are manifestations of some of our different dimensions. The probabilities are high. I also suspect that the zero point field, the foundation field, is the “life/energy” dimension.)

On probabilistic basis, I have assessed it highly likely that consciousness is creating what is Now and has been since the beginning 16.4 billion years ago (more on this timeframe later). Consciousness is “God,” which now, in its many parts, seeks to have glorious, blissful becoming through the continued creation of the Now.

What this leads me to is that I must accept my responsibility for what I create with the tool of my behavior – in my actions and intents – because I am conscious and therefore a (/an active part of) god. I must also accept that all other consciousness is god, as well. I cannot, therefore, place myself above or below another, and on an ethical foundation, must accept the three Laws. For that is the yardstick to measure how much we manifest our godhood:

Do we hurt or kill sentient Beings on purpose? (What would happen if every one of us just refused to do this for any reason…?)

Do we take or damage the belongings of others willfully? (What would happen if we all chose to respect that which belongs to another…?)

Do we present ourselves and our goals to others fraudulently? What would happen if we all chose to offer the truth? Ah… Back to the concordance of perspective that those of us working in probabilities are seeing…

So I ask myself what are the probabilities that there are some…families, even…that might be conspiring to maintain control of the masses? Surely, if there are some, they are not presenting themselves and their goals unfraudulently. In order to establish the likelihood that there are, I have to ask whether such a description would explain how things look around me.

I find that, especially within a system based on exchange of scarce energy (money system), it is highly probable. Given that there are families to whom wealth has migrated to – wealth that could feed, clothe, house, and make comfortable everyone of us here on this planet perpetually (as money comes in, it could be spent on everyone of us…) – and knowing that there are those who grew up in privilege and were taught they are “better” conscious units, I cannot escape giving very high probability to this idea.

It is important to know that energy is what money represents. Disassociating energy from the money used to store credits of energy expended makes it easy to ignore the implications of what an infinite, immediately accessible source of energy would do to the need for money.

Because I want to find solutions for everyone, every god in this joint creation of ours (it’s the Christian thing to strive for), I have pondered long and hard. Since money represents energy – and even Jeremy Rifkin will tell you it does (read his 1980 book, Entropy) – then I must question the need for money (and the power/control it provides) given that any effectively infinite source of energy would make money infinite (a meaningless condition), and “Dark” Energy tells us there’s a lot of energy to be had.

Since money – and therefore energy – is key to the comfort of any given Being in a moneyed system, and the comfort of all is the ultimate goal of consciousness, bringing comfort to everyone needs a solution (clearly, we are not all fully comfortable in our existence). And as long as there are conscious units that hold themselves above others, and who control the money/energy, energy extraction is the only solution.

Given that I keep hearing reports of free energy, knowing that the zero point field is infinite (life/god) energy manifesting through the awareness of consciousness, I have to give high probability to the existence of the energy extraction methods of which these reports speak. The sources of these reports seem mostly credible, and I have knowledge of specific suppression of an idea that drew energy from the Earth’s magnetic field: an independent inventor had built a prototype, and shortly after he set about to garner interest, he had his operation raided by the FBI who muttered something about “patent infringement…” If the idea is patented…where on the market are those devices that use it? (If simple magnetics was suppressed, any ability to draw on the “Dark” Energy would be all the more likely to be stomped out lest it spread.)

Again, probabilities point to those who would conspiratorially control the energy.

Why don’t we see this bursting on the market? Free energy devices! “The company who makes ’em’ll be richer than one can imagine!” Except that, if abundant energy is available to all, everyone will have control of themselves and the power elite will be elite no more. Also, if we all became equal, it will become all the more important how we each choose to behave in our co-creation of the Now, as opposed to how big our bank account is.

As the present rich may choose to pursue their bliss, so would we all, if we can have access to the sea of energy around us.

So what would it take, I wonder, to set us free with this truth, that energy is available but the means of extraction have been hidden? Putting myself in the position of one who has been enjoying the richness of life/experience in the false view of superiority, I might worry about retribution for the treatment I approved with my behavior towards the masses, the “human hearted.”

So perhaps forgiveness would be in order as our bargaining chip. Let us free and we will forgive. We will accept our new-found comfort and the freedom to pursue our individual bliss within the three Laws and allow the “lizard-hearted” to continue in their comfort, if not their control of us.

In calculating probabilities, I have examined the data on life evolution and have identified an area that that disturbs me if it is presumed that humans evolved in completely the same way as all other life we’re familiar with on this planet.

First, virtually all creatures can inbreed for generations before abnormalities spring up. All except humans. Why would it be that evolution awkwardly constructed one species to have the highest awareness (by far!) than any other and yet have such restrictions in inbreeding, with good probability of issues in the first generation, and high odds in the second?

Why would virtually all creatures have a small handful of genetic aberrations – most with none – and yet this one species has over 4,000 “defects” (passed-on illnesses and aberrations). From a probability standpoint, it is phenomenally unlikely that such a species would develop alone.

In looking at explanations for this, I can see two main ideas to assign probabilities to: either the “creator of all” chose to create everything but us close to perfection but deliberately gave us short shrift, or our species is the result of another species’ tampering. I just can’t give much credit to the first option. At very most, it commands 1% probability in my view, and that’s giving vast benefit of doubt. I give roughly 99% that somewhere along the line, our species was “lifted.”

I look at a couple of sources of data, given good probability of holding some measure of truth. Probabilities go up in correlating these data that our species was genetically modified by another. The first source is the “Enki” tablets, found in what was once ancient Sumer. In these tablets we are told that we were a genetic manipulation by the Anunnaki. The second source, alone open to debate but combined with the “Enki” tablets, holds better likelihood of truth, is The Terra Papers.

Though these two sources are at variance with respect to the vector which led to the creation of humans, they are in an awesome agreement about what happened when we were created. They both mention common details – such as the fact that we had to be given some piece, some essence of these gods, and that it was a joint effort between a leading male Being (a prince) and female Being (a princess). They also agree that it was the Anunnaki.

This is why I have assigned a high probability to the idea that we were genetically manipulated in the distant past.

Given this, I might give higher credit to the idea that we still coexist with our creators or other, conquering ET’s. But yet, those of us Now owe nothing but forgiveness to these fellow gods. That their ancestors created us (as we are now discovering we can effectively create) in no way obligates us to them, but really, if anything, obligates them to us.

Whatever the past, we are equal in our godhood Now, and their final obligation would be dispatched in allowing free energy to flow, setting us free.

Speaking of conspiracies, I contemplate the fact that there are a plethora of “little” conspiracies – with money as a motivation, many conspire to gain higher comfort through conspiratorial means. Conspiracy is the rule in our system of money, not the exception. So to believe that our government, or any government, which does not operate in total transparency, is operating for our own good is na├»ve at best.

Given that we know “back room” deals are made to the money/power advantage of groups and individuals, can we discount a higher set of conspiracies? Perhaps we should examine the claim that there are those who deem themselves better than us, believe there are too many of us, and wish to “cull the herd.” Could there be conspiracies of this nature?

My assessment is that it is highly probable. Applying that idea to the world around me, I see that it would explain a great deal. From GMO, which shows disastrous effects in lab animals, to choosing to use spent uranium as weapons ammunition, to keeping illegal a most benign and helpful herb while pushing patented chemicals which show many side effects and even deaths, I can’t help but think that even with money as a motivation, those who care about humans and the Earth would stop short at creating the damage such choices provides. There are many other examples, but these are three big ones.

If it’s likely that there are those who would approach Humans as we might approach cattle or sheep, and also likely that there are those of extraterrestrial origin amongst us, it is likely that they represent the same group overall.

The tenet “Divide and Conquer” is worthy of considering in terms of probability. Is there any evidence that deliberate efforts are made to do just this? When we see such things as patriotism, religions begun with visitations of “supernatural” beings (extraterrestrials…?), deliberate interpretation of ideas that place some above others, separation of “races,” and many other examples, it seems wise to suspect that there are efforts to keep our species from joining together in a common goal. Even promotion of team allegiance (as in sports) is a dividing force.

So what is the solution? Obviously we must acquire the means to extract energy at will. We must set up a code of conduct based on ethics. We must avoid those ideas which promote division. If we are to take over our planet as one species, we must do so without divisive choices.

Perhaps I should explain why I brought up the number 16.4 billion years as a timeframe for creation. I suspect highly that this number represents the time our journey of Consciousness has taken until nearly now. From the time we, as base Consciousness/matter/energy entered (created, began) this universe, striving to grow ever more complex, ordered and aware, to the Now you and I know is likely to be this 16.4 billion years, based on a Mayan Stele that was found several decades ago – in the 1940’s or 50’s. For many years the information on this stele languished with little heed. No one at the time could fathom why it had numbers as big as 16.4 billion indicated.

As Humans began to push the estimated age of the universe further and further back, someone questioned whether there was a relationship with time in these numbers indicated on the stele and whether they related to things science and history has told us about what has happened. And once they approached the information from this standpoint, what the stele represented became very clear.

I recently read James Mitchner’s Space, published in the mid-80’s, and was intrigued that he refers several times to the age of the universe as being 18 billion years. Since he was known for the rigor he put into researching his novels, I must give great probability to the idea that in the mid-1980’s humans estimated the age around there. Yet in the past couple of decades, what has been reported in the mainstream media that science has shown is that the universe is calculated to be, first, about eight billion years old, then 10, and recently I heard 14 plus. What are the probabilities that it’s rather somewhere around 16.4…?

Back to this stele and what they discovered… Seems that the numbers very likely relate the development of Consciousness in the universe, each number represents a shorter and shorter period of time, and each “step” represents some universal aspect. The 16.4 billion year period is the age of the Universe, and there are eight more “waves” the stele described, each a successively smaller layered wave upon wave, all of which end…virtually now. The 16.4 billion represents a base state of consciousness and underlies all we experience – base matter is created and worked with. It is the zero point field tattooed with consciousness as matter, the unaware consciousness centered everywhere, putting the spin to matter as it manifests.

Through this manifestation, consciousness came to build the rudimentary forms of life – a wee bit of control manipulating the matter further.

The next step up brought consciousness to transit from the ability to respond to action, seething in the mass of infant matter, to individuals capable of responding independently, including, eventually, mammals. From there, consciousness worked and cooperated, developed coherence, into family units. This gave consciousness more skill at manipulating things around as its nodes developed. Still further, in the next steps, tribes cooperated and then government developed, as consciousness strove towards harmonious coherence.

Next, consciousness begins subdividing into regional representation, with families and tribes still present, taking control of governance and edicts, and in turn, consciousness maintains its control of matter, leading to national groupings. This pushes communication further, and brings forth inventions to control matter all the further. Communication/interaction spreads, cohering consciousness all the more.

From the widened information flow, consciousness becomes aware of a planetary cohesion, seeking the ability to pursue its bliss against throwback awareness built on negative intent, but consciousness as a whole persists. Galactic awareness follows, with consciousness willing to consider its place in galactic terms. Information flow and discovery have broadened consciousness’s awareness of the paths that could be forged galacticly.

What is soon to follow is consciousness meeting the oppression head on, those with the drive to deny Beinghood to our consciousness as human Beings. In exchange, most of us, but for those who have been twisted by the yoke of money/energy/power, have the choice to step forward unabashedly and call ourselves Equals in statistical unison, as a loving and giving form of consciousness or let ourselves be eugenicized and darkened. The propaganda we have been steeped in is that we are not gods, and it is arrogant to claim that we are.

And yet… Quantum Mechanics shows us the very basic ingredient in existence is consciousness. Consciousness creates all in the zero point field, ergo, we, as conscious Beings are collectively God the Creator.

In fact, we are, indeed, Beings, and loving ones, as a rule, and our yearning has always been for our individual and collective bliss. We have the impetus to create with our matter/energy/power a blissful existence for all of us: the whole of the Universe.

To date, I have read and watched many a web piece about the coming ninth wave described on the Mayan stele, and I hear much about the coming shift in the symphony of consciousness as universe. There’s all this hype about, “It’s coming!” and “Intend it.” But I haven’t seen a cohesive vision put forth about what this coming together might manifest as.

Right now, the intent of consciousness is fuzzy and very unfocused. My place in this game we call life (more on that idea below) seems to be to offer the image to focus on.

Today, we can see evidence of all but the ninth wave – base matter (very low consciousness), cellular life, mammalian life, family structure, tribal structure, regional (Go, team, go!) behaviors, national (America, f# yeah!) groupings, the interweb as planetary consciousness flow (information exchange), and video games such as Mass Effect give us galactic awareness.

The ninth wave is a mere 260 days long and begins (depending on whose translation from the Mayan calendar to ours one uses) 260 days before October 28, 2011, or the most familiar date of December 21, 2012. With Timewave Zero and the I Ching pointing to that date, as well as the Galactic Alignment, I suspect that the 2012 date is the more likely, but I leave open a fair probability that either is the correct date. (For more on the Mayan Stele, watch Ian Lungold on youtube.)

But what would this mean to us? Some insist that on December 21, 2012 (or October 28, 2011), it will simply be a turning of a calendar page and the cycles will begin again. But I doubt it. Given that the nine waves of Consciousness span 16.4 billion years, and all culminate at once, I give very low probability that we will see things as merely “just another day.”

We are striving to create a universe in which each of us may follow our bliss, in ethical love and cooperation. In order for this to happen, we need that abundant energy from the zero point field, for without comfort (however each of us might define it), there can be no complete bliss.

With abundant energy, there is little We cannot choose to create, and with the Interweb (as I feel it should be called), We can communicate to consciously co-create our world, bending the matter with love and/or respect as the only motivation, shedding the profit motivation entirely. Perhaps 2012 (2011) marks the moment when all have freedom to pursuer their bliss following “God’s” only Laws – those three which forbid willfully hurting or killing another sentient Being, taking or damaging another’s belongings willfully, or willfully defrauding another Being.

As mentioned, money is a yoke we perforce must eliminate (via infinite energy), because the motivation to break any of the three Laws is always – statistically speaking – in some way related to money/power (for/over oneself – though it may seem as if it is power over others). Though there is aberration, where it happens without the money/power push is so statistically small a percentage of occurrences that it can be ignored in general, and in any specific can be dealt with by those involved and who care. It is not a social problem at that point. It is an individual one.

And so… The 2012 (2011) date approaches, and if We can bring the abundance forth, co-creating in expression of our love of self and others, We will achieve our goal of ubiquitous comfort and bliss.

They say that money can’t buy happiness. It cannot buy happiness – that is each of ours to choose – but it can buy comfort. With goods and services (created and offered by robots, and those of us whose bliss is creating goods or offering service to others) available via the Interweb, every sentient Being can have comfort.

In fact, every Being can choose the level of lifestyle that suits them best. Freed from the necessity to pour their own energy into the scarcity paradigm of money, freed from the need to be tied to a job, We can choose to live in a cave, a hut on a beach or in the mountains, a modest home, a palace. We can choose how much we wish to consume – and with most anything any one might desire available, consumption will become far more discerning.

There will be no need to package goods except where the safety in hygiene or structure demands it. Most packaging today is in place to deter theft, but with things available for the asking, theft of goods is oxymoronic. One cannot steal what is free, making packaging, for the most part, unnecessary. Our waste will drop to a minimum.

In fact, goods will be made to the very best standard they can be made – no “planned obsolescence” since no one will be driven by present and future profit. This will further reduce the waste that exemplifies today’s society.

I could go on and on describing the abundance paradigm, but I want to move on – questions are welcome if you want to understand how it would easily function and what it might mean to you personally – so I will bring up the probabilities involved in 9/11, merely to show that something is very wrong with clinging to the official story (and very wrong therefore to deny conspiracies on that level).

What are the odds that the “mastermind” of such a grand affair once worked for the CIA (under the name, Tim Osmun (sp?))? If the official story is true, that is. Quite slim, I’d say. What are the odds of an ex(?)-CIA man playing a willing patsy to a deeper plot? Much higher than him running off to plot against the US on his own, I’d wager.

What are the odds of fires bringing down three high-rises in one day when fires have raged much longer (fifteen to twenty times as long) and had never brought down a high-rise before? Pretty slim, I’d say, especially considering that the collapse of all three buildings was indistinguishable from a controlled demolition, complete with the “squibs” – the little jets of smoke that are quite familiar to demo workers. (Those jets are explained away as air pressure exploding out windows as the buildings collapsed, but they should not have occurred virtually simultaneously several floors down from the leading edge if that were the case: the windows on the immediately lower floor would have gone first if any, since that’s where the highest pressure would be.)

What are the odds that the bomb-sniffing dogs would be removed days before the most important time for them to be there to help rule out explosives? Quite slim, given that they were not removed in any regular fashion prior to this, and in fact it seems they were never removed en masse before. If there was a plot of much greater import than 19 Arabs in religious frenzy, the odds of this happening seem to be roughly 1:1.

What are the odds that the FBI would know exactly where to find civilian surveillance cameras trained in line with the Pentagon, such that within three hours they had collected all the evidence? Not high, I would guess…unless they knew about the plan before hand and had scouted the area for just such cameras, which implies foreknowledge…which lands right in the 1:1 ballpark for a deeper plot. (If this was unexpected, I would think we would have seen the FBI putting a call out in the media for any footage to be brought to them for analysis and we all could look at what the footage showed.)

What are the odds that the most surveilled building in the world (the Pentagon) would produce only a small number of frames with nothing conclusive showing? Very, very unlikely. Unless… Yeah, 1:1.

What are the odds of having several witnesses state that there were explosions at the foundations of the Towers (they blow out the foundations first in controlled demo… Hmmm….) BEFORE the first impact? Fairly small, I would think. If these witnesses had experienced no such thing, why would they all recall such a thing? Why would it even enter their mind? Low probability they were all hysterical and unable to distinguish what happened. Again, high probability for that deeper plot.

What are the odds of knowing (not merely suspecting) the culprit in something so unexpected in a mere matter of hours? If the official story is true, I would expect a week at the very least, and most likely months. If the motive was nefarious and orchestrated in the high ranks of our government, I would expect the patsy to be brought out nearly immediately (hours) to focus the shock and anger that deed produced into the direction desired (think Goldstein in the book, 1984) – like going to war, to the profit of Haliburton, et al, for example. Deeper plot, anyone?

There are so many more things that I could bring up about that incident that have extremely low probability in the official version, but with just these few items alone, if the official story is true, probability was skewed into astronomical ranges over many events through that period when added together. If one presumes a conspiracy of individuals in our government and media, the odds of all this become virtually 1:1.

If one looks at all the seemingly anomalous occurrences of that day (and those surrounding it), the official story asks that we believe that that incident wildly ignored probability, whereas looking at it from a standpoint of conspiracy, the probabilities fall exactly where they should be.

The reason I wanted to make this point was to bring home the fact that there are some very evil, twisted Beings in control of humanity, sending our finest to kill other Beings (in violation of the first Law). And we allow it because we just don’t want to face the depth of the evil – for it would shatter this Disneyfied world view we cling to for what comfort we can eke out of the slave life we’re given. The government always works in our interest. It protects us… We would be told all the truth!

What are the probabilities that forcing cancer-prone rodents to breathe tobacco smoke 24/7 would not yield a statistically significant increase in observed cancers in over 50 years of trying – IF tobacco, alone and pure, causes cancer? Pretty damned low, I say, and yet they have not a single study over that timeframe showing this. Our government does not tell us this and blamed tobacco (being the most common inhaled substance in the 1940’s and 50’s) and the sun for the cancers that began to crop up as a result of the high-atmosphere explosion of the Trinity nuclear device. Radioactive particles are very much proven to cause cancer. But the government did not want to have their weapons testing shut down… So they “protected” us with lies.

And to keep this myth alive, they have added cancer-causing chemicals, carcinogenic fiberglass filters, radioactive fertilizer, and probably had other evil ideas about how to make smoking cause cancer. Now they use it to divide us, as well, casting the smoker as pariah and setting us against one another. They have whipped up such fervor in some that they have become what I call Tobacco Terrorists, passing laws that remove freedom (in our “land of the free”). Jihad on smokers, yes indeed.

We waste our personal energy, what little is left after we have slaved at our jobs for diminishing returns, fighting over non-issues, with bread through food stamps and circuses in all shows they broadcast, keeping us from applying ourselves to joining in an overarching solution.

What are the odds of a plant, the use of which shows a plethora of easement of human woes and no adverse side effects, be illegal once the fact of its many benefits is shown with no question? Why would anyone not want to enthusiastically report this and suggest we embrace this plant? What explanations might we come up with and what are their probabilities?

That “God” declared this plant verboten? How unlikely given the wide range of issues it handles, often better than the “legal” pharmaceuticals… Really? And where is it written, for that matter? Some have merely extrapolated an interpretation of other words to mean marijuana. Nowhere is it written that this plant is so verboten that we should hunt, sting, arrest, try and house (if found guilty) those who grow, sell and use this plant – to phenomenal social cost, in terms of money/energy/power, social coherence, erosion of the purpose of our police, corruption, and individual hell.

So I have to ask myself why we haven’t seen this change. Having dismissed the “God” explanation as about 0.05 likelihood, say, I ask myself if it makes any probabilistic sense, if the Disneyfied view is the correct one: that Big Brother loves us and though some individuals may be corrupt, the best interest of the average human will happen, including information dissemination. In fact, given by the fact that a great deal of marijuana’s benefits were known in the 1970’s, and the push to keep it illegal continues in a fevered if more visceral pace, that there is a deeper plot.

Having gone from outright lies – Reefer Madness – to subtle implications of some mysterious problem, such as sad looking doggies voiced over with a plea to their master not to use marijuana because they “don’t like you when you’re stoned,” they keep on as if this is some horrid taint with no equal campaign funded to show the benefits of letting it go, and the cost to keep clinging. (Puh-leez, doggy, show me the objectionable behavior. I can see the commercial with the doggy watching a man beat up his wife while drunk and saying something along those lines, but the use of marijuana has no behaviors associated with it that would upset any animal, human or otherwise.)

Alright. I have to conclude that a large part of the explanation lies in money/power/energy (deeper) plots than in what Disney fantasia might lead us to believe (remember the end of that film? The ghostly and monstrous being consuming the little Disneyworld denizens?).

Perhaps it’s merely a money thing… Drug cartels don’t want to see legalization and pressure our lawmaker/breakers to keep the status quo by manipulating what we are told. Maybe the evil is purely money driven. That has good probabilities. Still, I would think that even if it is the money alone, a greater flow of information would be seen and the honest, logical approach would have a stronger following.

Perhaps it is a truly evil agenda, bent on the thrill of anguished energy of the Beings caught in their money/power/energy net. I give that a good probability, too. In fact, more than the “money alone” picture. This has a lot to do with other data about the universe that I have correlated, and if you need examples, feel free to ask.

So lessee, I give the “God” thing statistically nothing, and the money-as-sole-motive about 25%, with the “deeper plot” assigned 70%. (The rest is left to the uncertainty factor.)

What are the odds that a relatively short span of time would see pharmaceuticals at high levels in water supplies in a number of cities? Different drugs in each city? The excuse we are given is that these are drugs flushed into the waste water via urination and then persist in the reclamation. I give little probability to that explanation because, first, statistically, every city uses roughly the same percentage of drugs, so finding one city with extremely high levels of one drug and another city with extremely high levels of another drug suggests a different scenario. Also, why would the filtration of reclamation fail so completely to clean out the other waste – but not a specific drug?

I give much higher odds that this was a test to see how long, from the time an agent is released into a water supply until detection, it takes. If there was a stand-alone case of high levels of some specific pharmaceutical (or if the cases persisted over time, but there was a spate of them and then nothing), that would be a much lower probability, but there was that rash of them.

I contemplate the motives of an individual who would deliberately set up an accident. Why would anyone choose that behavior? Instantly, I remember that virtually all cases of this behavior involved making claims for money. Would such behavior be seen in a society where no one had the need for money to get what they wanted? Where no one had any reason to keep track of how much your unit of conscious flesh cost and you could create bliss by doing what made you…well, er…blissful.? Where there is no need to contribute labor, and with joyous acceptance of our strongest connections individually polarizing into a stable state of love?

Would such behavior be seen much in a paradigm, an embracement, of abundance?

No, I think. Such dastardly deeds have no motivation. Oh, sure, for sour relationship, people may still choose to cause damage to another Being, but good grief! With the need for money out of the picture, why would one choose this behavior, except in a pique of passion? (How many cases of piqued passion have been over money? – if we get rid of money…)

Thrills, maybe? I suppose, but if we hold to ethics as our Law, as a rule, that sort of choice for a thrill will generally lead to being avoided. Pariahhood is earned by the choices of behavior which step outside of ethics. And even pariahs can change, so one is never completely abandoned but just generally avoided. I mean, each of us, moment to moment, controls how we behave – so in any given Now, the pariahs can choose to become gracious. (A state of grace is a choosing of behaviors that are ethical, that are within the three Laws.)

Ah. The abundance paradigm. I do want to see it take off, because I so fully grasp the inextricable intertwining of available energy and any “monetary” system – goods, shells, sex, time. And knowing that energy, the force that keeps the universe spinning, is available to all Beings through what has variously been called the Higgs Field, the Zero Point Field, “Dark” Energy, and the Cosmological Constant, knowing that methods of extracting from this eternal font have been developed (very high probability), and knowing (via much consideration) what a beautiful thing it would be to be free of money and have the world available, I am motivated to promote that choice.

I also think it is the very answer to the Evil F#’s in the world, the galaxy, the universe. If we just look around us, we can see that most of us are not out to hurt anybody, obeying the Three Laws, the triad the Law of ethics breaks down into. It is only in our choice of behavior that we can keep these three Laws. With money (a large contributor of piqued passion) removed as a motivation to break the Three Laws, and with the ability to choose to spend a very high percent of time with those one wants to spend time with, it will be a rare occurrence that Beings will choose poor behavior.

The Evil F#’s are likely extraterrestrial, given that no human heart I know of would make choices as I see made in the experience around me. Who would rush a huge amount of toxic “dispersant” into the waters of a large body on this planet, when the far better choice would be to do all one could to stop the flow, showing everything and hearing any suggestions, and allowing nature to run its course?

It would have been solved post haste if we had handled the BP fiasco that way. With money out of the picture, information in crisis flows freely (and it’s a much higher likelihood the crisis is not staged), and we can collectively contemplate the solution, with the best (not the best funded or pet money-maker) emerging.

So if we are intimately entwined with Beings of (an)other universal environments, and we can bring forth abundance, our best stance is to stand gently but firmly on the ground of our being and offer the respect of ethics and the courtesy of equals, along with all the abundance they care to partake in.

And even if we are one lonely species of Being in the universe for all intents and purposes, and the Evil F#’s are human…? Let’s offer THEM that deal.

Let’s cast off slavery to robots. All people who take bliss in any given function can do so. It won’t matter if they don’t show up – the robots can take up the slack, allowing them to do the work when the mood strikes rather than on a forced schedule. In garnering respect from those whose lives such a worker’s efforts touches, they will be “paid.” Respect is the coin of the soul.

I find it interesting that in many studies intent is shown to work, in the form of prayers most specifically but with intent in general, as well (read The Field and The Intention Experiment by Lynne McTaggert). Yet the most highly cited study in the mainstream media of this phenomenon, showing no such effect, has been shown to be rife with poor scientific control. In cases of good control, effect can be seen. These facts are not reported in the MSM (mainstream media), only the (incorrect) conclusion that we cannot affect the world around us.

So what is the role of an individual who feels powerless to change the world? Intend the change to abundance, love and comfort for all. If there is something one can do – leak information or spend money towards that end, all the better. Do it. But even if one is slaving away barely making ends meet in some loveless labor, the intent will be felt and the effects will spread.

Now that it is clear that We can create heaven, in the form of bliss for all Beings, without some nebulous “God,” through the application of infinite energy, eliminating money, it becomes much easier to intend for this to happen. Now that a picture has been painted of what it would look like (read The Abundance Paradigm by Amaterasu, and The Case for the Second Coming and New Jerusalem, which contains the text of The Abundance Paradigm, by Amaterasu and Kalki), intend for it to come to be.

Regardless of one’s religious affiliations, our power to create cannot be questioned (QM shows us this is so), and we create what we intend against any competing intent. The more of us intending, coherently, towards that goal, the more likely we will see that goal fulfilled.

I admit that my goal to bring about the abundance/love this universe offers is selfishly driven – I want to live in that creation – but it is also driven by altruism. I want to give it to every Being. It is simultaneously service to self and service to others.

In fact, it is easy to see that the whole dichotomy of service to self/service to others is an illusion. We can serve ourselves and others at the same time and with the same drive.

How many of you hate your job? How many of you have (or considered having) a bumper sticker that says, “I’d rather be [fill in the blank with something you love to do, that brings you to bliss]?” How many of you would like to have the option of going to work or not without worry of negative consequences if you choose not to on any given day? How many of you would learn, and apply that knowledge, if only you could afford the tuition and/or had the time (think healing others, spending loving moments with family/friends, doing research, creating art, studying history, learning to ski, exploring the wilds, creating ecological harmony, growing organic food, learning what it takes to climb Mt. Everest successfully and having the equipment to do it, and so on)?

How many of you were thwarted by a lack of money/time in your efforts to follow your bliss?

Based on my discussions with others, I’ll wager the numbers in answer to each of these questions is very large. I’ll wager 99% would be a close guess, because only 1% of us here on this planet have the money/energy and time to pursue their bliss as they wish to. Granted, there are some out there whose bliss it is to do exactly what they’re doing. So maybe 98% would be a better guess. But I’ll also wager that very few of the ones presently involved in their bliss are payrolled bankers, insurance salespersons, stockbrokers, oil/gas/coal workers, Wall Street traders, and all other industries that free energy/no money would eliminate. Most endure their job to have a small quantity of time/goods to enjoy.

Perhaps there are those whose bliss comes in the form of controlling others… In a system without money, control of others becomes psychological only and the ones thus controlled must give tacit permission. These Beings who take bliss from such control would struggle to find their bliss. But again, I think the percentage of such Beings is small in the human population – VERY small. Most take bliss from controlling their own time.

And what would happen in times of crisis? Considering that, for example, we have many volunteer firefighters, it is clear that enough of us take bliss in responding to crisis, solving the problems and offering support. In the event of crisis, enough of us would come together to create solutions.

Some of you fear (and we have nothing to fear but fear itself…) that others might choose differently than you wish them to. Maybe it’s that they will choose a different “God.” Maybe it’s a fear that they will choose a different lifestyle. Maybe you want to ensure that others do not choose to alter their consciousness via herbs and funguses… To you I suggest that you let go of these fears. As long as these behaviors do not result in breaking the three Laws, there is nothing to fear, and if the Laws are broken, we have recourse through making pariah of those that break the Laws.

We have the choice to take full responsibility for ourselves, taking what we have created thus far and henceforth create towards a blissful, abundant universe, and as we wish to be allowed our bliss, we must accept all others’ bliss within the three Laws. Allow unto others as you would have others allow unto you.

In closing, I will again bring up the “game” we play called life. It would seem that Consciousness is playing an elaborate “video” game. The “win” is to bring us to where we co-create comfort for all. The “lose” is where most of us are killed and the remainder enslaved. As long as we deny our power in this creation, we are headed for the loss of this game. If we take responsibility, through intent, of what we create, and create coherently, we humans will all win.

I plan on steering us towards that win. Now it’s up to you to pull the oar of intent.

“We are the ones we have been waiting for.” — Hopi prophesy

“The truth shall set you free.”