Thursday, March 24, 2011

Here are Some More Questions to Ask to See if You’re Ready for the Abundance Paradigm:

Here are Some More Questions to Ask to See if You’re Ready for the Abundance Paradigm:

1. Do you value the spark of consciousness in your fellow Being?

2. Do you want a world where there is peace and good will towards all Beings?

3. Can you let go of control of others for the full control of your own life?

4. Can you trust that the love between the people you see and work with will motivate the good will of all – in the end – if we let go of controlling others, and especially of those we don’t care or know about?

5. Do you want an organic planet and see that, without profit motive, all efforts will include a thoughtfulness of what impact might be made for and against that ideal?

6. Do you understand that “human nature” is towards doing things on an ethical basis and what straps it from achieving its goals is money, and those that control the money/energy on this planet?

7. Do you see that all money has been used for is to account for effort put forth, account for energy?

8. Can you understand that with energy free, the Star Trek nerds will be cheering, as free energy makes moot the need for money? I mean, Star Trek presents that ideal universe where we do not worry about money.

9. Can you accept what I tell you is true – that I was taught the word, “electrogravitics,” before I was two (I am 54 now) and was applauded for saying it at about 22 months by my father who was an aerospace engineer, and learned that cars and houses will float and there would be enough energy for everybody, and then told that electrogravitics was secret “for now” – and conclude that over 50 years of secret technological research would skew things enormously based on looking around, and that somebody must have something in mind using this technology?

10. Do you see a connection between water fluoridation, vaccines, pharmaceuticals, petro-oil, Haliburton, weapons transactions and work done (money made) for both sides in wars, today’s mass media, Monsanto, laws that forbid the collection of rain water on one’s own property for personal use, internet legislation that favors corporations, corporations, hydrofrac gas drilling with toxic chemicals polluting water supplies, Sumerian tablets, Corexit … (as well as others which will begin to make this list unbearably long)?

If you can answer “yes” to all of these, you are ready. If you can answer “yes” to the first eight, your heart is there, and adding number nine will allow you to see that we CAN make it so, we CAN build a successful, healthy society with the technology that exists now, and with the energy we can extract from the universe around us.

Number ten is necessary to see that things ARE that urgent on this planet, but is not necessary to be ready for the abundance paradigm.

A last question you might ask is whether you are ready to commit to spreading the word. For it is true that if few people are aware of what is within our grasp at this time in our development, those few cannot make the changes that are needed. But if awareness is raised enough to reach a tipping point, we WILL accomplish these changes. And if we accomplish these changes, we ALL will be happier.

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