Thursday, March 24, 2011

How do We Define the Human Hearted?

The way you define the Human Hearted is by Their Ethics. There are many on this planet, here Now, that are entrapped in a System involving a scarcity paradigm, wherein a corrupter of Ethics exists. For many Human Hearted the little ethics, the supporting base of Ethics, have been degraded. You know... The little daily things you do for money (directly or indirectly), whether it's doing that job you love to come home from and forget for a while, with a current of dread of doing it again tomorrow running behind the coast into relaxation, or the receiving of money "under the radar." For many, the connection to Ethics has weakened, as reasons for choosing actions ranging in degree, from minor infraction to total disregard for Ethics, are constructed in protection of that source of sustanence.

At this Time in Our planet's entire History, and for the first time, We are at a point where We can choose Our course planetwide. We have the power, via Robotics, to cast off slavery. You know, that week-at-a-time series of blips most (I presume) of us dread, and yet find a challenge in, as we do it, to maintain sanity - for money. And make choices that lack ethics, and thereby, Ethics.

We are now connected, as the Human Race... This is why the interweb is so much a threat (Rocky made no bones about this in a documented session. I have to make the deduction that there IS a "Them" (who would it be that would see the interweb as a threat, after all?) "They" would be the Lizard Hearted.) We, as a connected whole, are emergent. That is to say, what We do with what We have will result in the Now that defines our Race.

What We, as the representative beings, the Individuals of Sentience, choose to do at this time on this planet of Ours will determine how we will be seen whether there are aliens here now, or whether we encounter them in some future (and I assess that they are very much among us Now). And what We are, as Now develops, is likely to affect how they deal with Us.

Since We are connected, as the Human organism upon this planet, and it is the individual choices of behavior that dictate the representative manifestation of the whole, emergent leadership must occur if awareness and willingness are high enough.

And since it's very clear if one examines the data, that this planet has enough for all of us ten times over (Australia has enough land mass to give us each a quarter acre - every Individual of Sentience here Now - and still have a chunk of change left over; all of our fleshly mass would would fit in one side canyon of the Grand Canyon with plenty of space to spare) We have plenty available on this Pearl of Humanity, this System-crippled place that enslaves Us. And thus, the spread of the concept of "running out of resources" is likely much like global warming and carbon footprints, to accomplish the sucking of wealth from a duped populace, maintaining the status quo path.

We Now may choose to make decisions. These discisions, though affecting Our global presence in this Universe, can be made Individually. And if We have knowledge of the fact that We can change things, and choose according to that goal, the emergent behavior will be towards that goal.

With Our nervous system, the interweb, that brings Us together, We can make choices together. And as such, We have control of how We manifest in the dimension of Time. With this connected state We can examine what We have Ethically - IF We have the awareness of the concept of abundance and what its benefits are.

The optimal way for these ideas to spread, of course, would be if the Media toadies were to open wide on the concepts and facts. It is more difficult, at the moment, to accomplish this willingness than one might hope, but this is not insurmountable. If we spread the ideas, within a Code of Ethics, We could accomplish both the (abhorred!) Service to Self, freeing us from slavery and worry for the things that sustain Us, allowing us Each to follow our bliss AND the (glorified) Service to Others, bringing nourishment and love to those Now "less fortunate."

This solution, of bringing the knowledge and willingness to the point of tipping manifestation, would tip towards a double solution which satisfies other concepts as well. It is an act of Forgiveness. For We would not spend energy on unloving behavior towards those who now enslave Us. Our associations will be seldom and only by mutual choice. Or even amiable over all. That depends on the choices of the Individuals what will emerge over all.

What are the ingredient, other than the spread of an abundence paradigm, that would speed things along? If those who have the power to choose the sharing of information do so. Many may feel they're bound by their word, but given the state of things and where they're seemingly headed, I contend that the agreement is nullified. The goals are not as stated.

This outflow of information, were it to occur, would provide a good set of data regarding all the resources We have in terms of tech, energy availability, willingness, and innovation. What we would also see is the "Good Samaritan" effect emerge. People would take care of people in the interim, seeing the reality achievable.

A Code of Ethics, based on the three Laws - No hurting/killing of another; No damaging/stealing of others' property; No deceit in transactions made - should be chosen. This would go a long way to wards defining expectations of each Individual of Sentience. Beyond these three Laws, all other legislation revolves around the scarcity paradigm, in one way or another.

An optimal addition would be the ability to document one's acknowledgment transactions with others, based in informed willingness. Under the third Law, Informed Willingness is directly implied. I introduced the idea of the Personal Witness in my book, and if this was invented and made available, open source programmed and secure, the Datacube was how I envisioned this. But what emerges may be very different. This would eliminate surveilance in favor of witness.

Still, all programmed works, it would be optimal to agree on, should be open source programmed. Accepting a closed source - or hidden - program is at the user's, the Individual of Sentience's, choice. But understanding that things other than the stated purpose and goal of the program may be undermining behind the secret veil is likely to deter most from accepting such programs.

We should also choose to define Ourselves by our character. When one deals with people it's all about the acknowledgment of the other's existence. A measure of character is in how one chooses one's behavior in acknowledging another's existence. Are the behaviors Ethical? This is the yardstick by which We would best choose to judge others by. One of Ethics stands on principles based in the three Laws.

We would do well to acknowledge the absolute right of an Individual of Sentience over their own body. Though some think that in abundance, humans will overrun this planet, in countries where women have such control, the population growth is dramatically reducing, and in some places falling into the negative. Thus controlling our population is likely to become a matter of encouraging those who want children to have them, as opposed to the fearful thought that We would become too heavy a burden on our Pearl of Humanity, Our Earth. Thus is it an important point to stress.

We could choose to spend the trillions being sapped from Us to "bail out" Them to instead have public works towards a robotics development program, open source programmed, to eliminate the need to have human slaves. And then, the money spent will fall into disuse, as the abundance pours forth.

And We could spread the word of a website to propose solutions, offer resources, discuss options, and suggest actions. Herald it widely, and with the information and goals defined. In the beginning, some would have to put forth the effort to create this forum, but if the vision is clear, leaders will emerge. The start will be chaotic and very little will be observable in term s of results, but this will be a matter of months as the emergence of leaders takes place. Faster and faster, as more and more spark their expectations with the flame of the vision.

So who are the Human Hearted? That remains to be seen. How many are willing to move towards Ethical goals?

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