Thursday, March 24, 2011

Who the F# Are "They?"

When I was around two, growing up with the idea of a peaceful application of all technologies, my father tried to see if his gifted daughter could pronounce “electrogravitics.” I remember him beaming when I spoke it rather well for only twenty two months. He explained that it meant we could build cars that floated, personal backpacks like the ones that showed up on the Jetsons a few years later, and even houses that floated in the sky.

He did try to explain principles that I was yet to have full ability to grasp – he was an electrical engineer working for, at the time, one of the top aerospace companies doing research into electrogravitics, and very excited about his work – so I didn’t catch all the details, but I did catch on about what it meant we could do on this planet of ours, and that there would be energy and abundance for all. And that would mean liberty and justice…and peace on Earth…good will to all Beings.

(I might point out that, as the name, “electrogravitics,” suggests, there is not only a link between electromagnetism and gravity, but that in the 1950’s some of Us understood this quite well. Yet I remember a Nova show I watched a few years back with…I think it was Michio Kaku…saying that we are still struggling to find that link between gravity and electromagnetism. In fact, it is stressed in our media that Einstein spent the last many years of his life looking for a connection. I wonder who chooses to maintain this idea…)

Then, not long after my father’s excitement and eagerness to teach me began, he came home one night and woke me up to tell me it was secret and we couldn’t talk about it to anyone. “Just forget about it, ok?” “But why?” I asked. I wanted to know who got to have the knowledge and who didn’t, and why.

“They want it secret for now,” he ended with, “so just pretend you don’t know anything about it.” Oh, sure, “The Government” was mentioned along with Dad’s company, but “They” were most often mentioned.

“Sure, Daddy,” or something on that order was my reply.

And though these specific memories eluded me for over fifty years, the vision of the future he gave me stayed on. I just had such faith in Humanity that the issues “They” saw in “making it secret” would be overcome. I did forget, and yet, when anything I came across suggested free energy, I was willing to investigate. I knew without understanding the basis of my certainty that such energy existed. Of course, having recently recalled these memories, one can see why I carried these certainties.

The more I looked into reports of free energy, the more I saw suggestions of suppression and strategic ridicule. I asked who would benefit from the secrecy of this information. I ask, who are “They?”

When I compare where this planet would have been from the 1950’s to today with the peaceful applications of technology, with what I see around me and I have to conclude that somewhere there really is a “They.”

Coming from this perspective, one may understand both the nature and the degree of my fury that Human Beings have been kept in abject poverty by others, both Human and, likely, nonhuman Beings. It is, I’m guessing, not the most popular of views, but I see “proactive” efforts to diminish discussions, in any wide medium, of these possibilities and I have to connect the efforts to “Them.”

Why is free energy secret, and things are the way they are? Do the data I collect explain what I see?

If I presume there is a “They,” from what I see manifesting around me would it make sense? With so many things I see, I have to conclude that, with a “They” in the picture, it surely makes more sense than without. What are the clues?

Let’s take the move now under foot to “hydrofrac” shale to release and tap natural gas. If it were as simple as it sounds – pumping water at high enough pressure to fracture the rock blocking access to the gas pockets – I wouldn’t give it any thought. But that’s not the case. The interests involved are linked to Dick Cheney who spent a great deal of his time as VP ensuring that such efforts are outside the bounds of the EPA. With reports that illness and death follow such operations, that the fluid is filled with toxins that poison water supplies (ah, the EPA would put a kibosh on such ventures, n’est pas?), and seeing that these claims are never refuted loudly and indignantly but in mere assertions that what is used is innocuous, and the virtual lack of media investigation, I wonder about explaining this without a “They.”

With a “They” factored in, this all makes full sense, and points to a rather disturbing picture. (Though I suspect ol’ Dick thinks he has control, I also suspect that he does not.) Now we can choose to disregard the picture painted as “paranoid,” or we can accept that it has a high probability of validity, and behave accordingly.

We can next look at the question of fluoridation and the fuzzy-at-best data that it has any positive impact on dental integrity (with some fair amount saying that it creates brittleness) and the question is never addressed on a large scale of what research has shown about calcium fluoride (natural) and sodium fluoride (considered initially to be a quite toxic waste product and the compound which they are fluoridating our water with) in use by Humans. On the “sodium fluoride is bad” side are many studies showing negative effect. On the “it’s ok” side are a lot of poo-poos, a poorly done study or two that are heralded in media, and character assassination efforts.

With a “They,” this makes sense and it becomes clear that the tool used in control is money. Without a “They,” without an ethically bankrupt “They,” without a “They” that sees Human Beings as livestock/slaves rather than affording them their Being status, this world would be very different.

We Humans as a whole value ethics very highly. Sometimes we sacrifice ethics for propaganda-run religious reasons (which serves to divide us so as to maintain our conquered status as livestock). Sometimes we sacrifice ethics out of desperation – money issues, mostly. Sometimes we sacrifice ethics so as to appear “special,” for status within some group with a seed of “Them.” But few (if any…?) Humans sacrifice ethics purely because they enjoy a pleasure in doing so. They may derive pleasure but only after having chosen to make the sacrifice initially for other reasons.

If we presume that “They” are presently out to not only control us, but also cull the herd…we have a good explanation of…er…”contrails,” and (amongst many other things) a report from one individual complaining of not feeling well who said that “they are still spraying [Corexit] only at night now” down in the Gulf…like NOW, still… But the number of (mostly dire) comments made on a popular website when the whole Corexit spraying began, from individuals claiming to be present in the gulf region, has vanished from anywhere, and frankly, I’m concerned. I mean, where is the coverage of the area? Where is the public damage assessment? It’s dropped off the radar. This only makes sense if I presume a “They.” And also presume some things that most don’t want to believe no matter how good these things are at explaining the way things are. Perhaps they can’t face where it leads.

I also see a vast difference between what we are (over and over) told is “human nature,” and what I see here in the pens with the rest of the “livestock.” I see the ethics, the caring connections, the ugly things that never would be done between us if not for the yoke of money. I know the love that abides, hidden by claims that it’s Human nature to do evil to others, blaming “Their” unethical choices on Us. “They” twist Us via media control and money (and Jay Rockefeller said the worst enemy was the internet…).

When I realized back in 2008 that there was a direct connection between money and produced energy (and had it confirmed in Jeremy Rifkin’s 1980 book, Entropy), it became clear to me who benefited from the secrecy of free energy, because the introduction of free energy would spell the end of money and thereby the yoke “They” control which we are kept in, plunged into a Disney movie of life and otherwise unable to get out. It also then begged the question of how We might handle this liberty, and I saw that We all understand that the planet was best off run organically, and the driving factor for failing to do so was – heh – money. We would most likely choose better for our planet and ourselves if We were not strapped into a system of money.

In fact, We would choose well as a whole on all kinds of things. We would choose quality over cheap production. We would eliminate all packaging the sole purpose of which is theft deterring. We would organize to solve problems – not create them to make money. We would look for cures and not cover-ups with side effects which will turn a profit as more cover-ups are sold for the added problems.

If we stand up and demand a free interweb and set up a central site – the details of which I will discuss with anybody who’ll listen – whereby Humans can promote issues to levels of awareness based not on money but on whether enough people are concerned one way or another, and by implementing only three laws, the Ethical Laws, eschewing secrecy, and introducing the free energy…the arts and the sciences will flourish. Teaching will gain respect as those who really want to teach do the teaching and students can guide their own education/experience within a generally accepted basic education.

The love of so many to create useful things, especially in technology and robotics, will bring forth awesome machines and solutions for Us, and all labor We do will be chosen by each according to what animates Hum (if you’ll pardon the coinage of a unisex pronoun for Us – it’s pronounced “hume”), according to each’s bliss.

We Humans will be able to create as our true nature dictates, in loving self-governance with abundance to give. This will lead to a planet far closer to heaven than most presently can envision as possible.

So who are “They?” I suspect that they have created a nefarious “religion” wherein they take “vows” of servitude and loyalty to dark entities. “Satanism” is promoted, and of course those who cough up enough of their Human soul will be rewarded with riches. Lies are told to these deluded, twisted Beings, and to be sure, when these “vow-takers” are an encumbrance to “Them,” they too will be cast into the pit “They” keep the rest of us in.

“They,” I suspect, are a separate, created race that threw out (off planet) the race that created both “Them” and Us. I base this on Sumerian tablets and other data (The Terra Papers, for one), and “They” have accrued virtually all the actual wealth on this planet, letting us have some meager amount to keep the fa├žade “They” paint of what life is here now. “They” have made it acceptable to the twisted Humans in “Their” thrall to do things no ethically bound Being would accept. And right now, that’s getting rid of most of Us, hampering our communications (i.e., taking over the interweb), and otherwise keeping Us divided.

Who are “They” personally? Unknown, but the trail is probably best followed in following money. If We make a move now to wrest the technology from “Them” and apply it peacefully, We can remove the yoke of money, and self-govern in peace and abundance, eliminating war, pollution, stress, illness, and all crime done for money. This will leave Us with crimes of relationship passion only – which are a vanishingly small percentage of all crimes committed. Rather than fear what a very small number of individuals might do, we can rejoice in knowing that most crime is no more. No one will steal if they can have the same thing for free. No one will be desperate. All will be free to follow their bliss within the three Laws.

Having seen the solution to the control “They” have, knowing that people have been deformed and controlled by money and promises of wealth, I must speak up. I must do all I can. For, you see… There is little time left. It would seem that “They” are creating “Their” ideal planet, bereft of most of Us and with only a small, undereducated slave population who know no better than to do as they are told, and “They” are doing this on a schedule linked to the 2012 date.

So I must be loud and I must never quit, else things as We know them will vanish, along with so very many Human sparks of Consciousness. Pass the link to this and other discussions to as many people as you might so that as many people as possible are aware of our choices and can also spread the word.

Thank you for reading and any efforts you might make to raise awareness.


  1. I had just posted a comment (I thought) on another of your pieces here and *poof* - it went away. So, let's see what happens this time. Although I'll credit you with a better grasp of "things", it is so eerie that you think so much the way I do - maybe we're both tapping the same "truth source".
    As a slight aside here, but on topic - have you ever been to a marina and wondered who owned all those yachts? I don't know anyone who can afford million dollar boats - who are all these people who have that kind of money for what are basically rich-boy toys? And there hundred or thousands of marinas around this country alone. Yep, there are the beings who belong to "the club" and then there are the rest of us who struggle to keep the bills paid, beer in the fridge and food on the table.

  2. I guess it's eerie, but I think of it more as having pieced enough data together to have a disturbing picture emerge.

    Yes, those are the Beings, whether money/power/energy moguls who justify wars for profit or just trying to get by peacefully (as in choosing behavior within the three Laws) they're Beings on this planet. Human Beings who are of noble, Human Heart and Lizard Hearted Beings.