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Another Letter from the Future

 [Please read The Abundance Paradigm found here: for context in the following]

By now, some of you are familiar with the story Izzy told – I know that a fair number of you here have read The Abundance Paradigm, and a fair number either refuse to read (too busy, perhaps), or you skimmed and scoffed…and a number of you have never heard of the paradigm at all.

Of course, for my future to happen, many of you must see what happened from my perspective, thereby allowing you to believe that it could work…

Sorry, let me introduce myself. I’m Professor Harold Inke, and though Izzy is a beautiful heart, her focus was on the story of Amelia. She is just so grateful. But her story didn’t address much the nuts and bolts of what happened as the abundance emerged from our choices.

Once Stephen Colbert – a true hero he! – let his viewers contemplate the paradigm via Amelia’s appearance on his show, a triad of people who worked behind the scene on cameras and scripts got together and since one was geeky, and knew how to program a website of excellent function, they put together AbundanceParadigm.web (that last more for its significance and less how it was accessed) and did it all open-source.

Everything was kept as straightforward as possible and the forums to discuss things were allowed to emerge from the initial setup, with a “one computer, one vote” setup to star posts one thinks are good, and the votes matriculated the ideas upwards as people starred others’ (but not their own) ideas.

Really, the site began with a place to post suggestions of what topics should be made into forums, and the star system led to the elevation of the things people cared about. Sure, it was work administering the site, reading the topics and throwing the ones that seemed frivolous into an open “trash” bin and archiving them, listening to defenses for ideas that were thus disposed of, and other administrative duties, but the goal was noble and the work had no shortage of efforts to grow with the project.

Suggestions that had star points up to the millions wound up being the prime things people were interested in solving.

The triad approached Stephen, their ultimate hero. Stephen, in his visionary wisdom, announced the site on his show. (In fact, the site was often worked in from there on…) Also, realizing bandwidth would rapidly be an issue, any who could help in that effort were invited to join. There were a few days here and there where it got sticky, but the problems were always solved. The rest of the media began a buzz about what Stephen had presented and about the ideas Amelia had brought forth, and the paradigm spread further.

There was a forum for Amelia’s Points, which included the development of Personal Witness in all its open-source glory, there was information on Zero Point Energy and how to extract it – that guy who called himself the Anti/Christ had his design, based on a crop glyph, win out, with the most elegant and easy to produce device, as many designs were built and tested (and could be watched through the process via the web)…

There was looking at the resources on the planet and integrating the process of drawing on these resources in the most organic way. Distribution went hand in hand with these efforts. And those who could see the farthest and understand the most rose out of the discussions

The robot freaks open-source programmed things to take care of us, things to do any work none (or not enough) of us wanted to do. A number gained world-wide acclaim for their efforts. It was a grand and glorious time as many brought their ideas and expertise together to publicly work on creating a robot to do every job no one wanted to do. Many of the first ones were done in spare time, but it really didn’t take long, with energy handled, until the efforts by the most active were fulltime bliss in their lives.

Shortly after the “Free Energy” forum started, the Anti/Christ’s victory was assured, and soon after that, small boxes with outlets became available on the market, and a whole house could be plugged into energy sources that ran for years and years. Computers came out that never had to be plugged in. Cars began to spring up, running on clean ZPE (Zero Point Energy) that never had to stop for gas… Factories and offices were switched as these inexpensive units were eagerly built by those whose bliss it would be to provide this world with free energy. And there were an astonishing number of them that came forth to build. Though many units were sold, most would be given as gifts.

Though Izzy’s world of Jump Doors and replicators was a bit in the future, just the freedom from energy worries (and costs!) made all the difference in the world.

People could run their air conditioning and their heat on free energy. They could run their cars. They could run all their electrics even in a tent. The number of people freed this way was staggering. Many opted to step back and go camping, with the new stoves, refrigerators, lights, heaters, air conditioners, composters and waste disposal units, and a car that flew in the sky (all were cheap because energy was no longer a cost all the way up the line of production), and many did not choose to come back – often working wirelessly from home at AbundanceParadigm.web.

Dean Kamen’s water purification device had high demand, once the energy to run it was available. Fresh, clean water was available to more and more, as the device was built and distributed. Africa, especially, benefited, though the whole world found use for the device that could purify the water at hand.

And the products themselves began to be thoughtfully produced, no longer tied to profit motive, and efforts were made, not to build something that would break down so another could be sold… They were built to last. And as products that lasted made their way back into our lives, the amount of waste dropped radically. Things that used to last a year or two now lasted 20 or 30… Or virtually forever.

Farms were developed to run organically and in harmony with nature. And it was gentle robot shepherds that were developed for the projects as they spread out. The poison that was genmod, the soil-sapping fertilizers, failure to rotate crops – all this vanished. In its place the Earth returned to a pastoral state.

As long as people needed distribution, they could request it – the system of distribution having been set up via AbundanceParadigm.web – and country stores as well as city markets were well stocked, and the food was first very cheap and then free. Many, having “gone camping,” started their own plots to grow food.

It did not take long for money to lose its hold of the humans on Earth. Though many thought this would be a long and involved process, it really took only a few years.

Yes, there was resistance by many a corporate toadie. It took a bit for it to dawn on them that they didn’t have to have a boss. The appeal of that finally won over many – most had a human heart, deep down, and only made choices as they did because they could see no other choice. They became involved in speaking truth, helping, and making it all happen…and then the rest, the lizard hearted, followed into the paradigm.

As money slipped into uselessness, as people could, more and more, just ask for things and were given them, the rules of the lands were found to be unnecessary. Only the three Laws were seen as needed. Do not willfully kill or harm another, do not willfully take or damage another’s property, and do not willfully defraud another. Regulations, statutes, acts, codes, mandates, and so on were ignored – who needs a tax code when there is no money to tax? Who needs the statutes on social services when no one needs social services? Who needs regulations when everything was built with care, and with an eye to lasting? When cheap crap was made no more?

It was standard for those who loved to create things to do so with camera running, so others could admire the process of craftsmanship that went into any effort. People avoided things mired in secrets. The more open about processes and programming, the more it was esteemed.

Open-source was the way to go, and though there were no rules against proprietary software, anyone who used the proprietary software did so at their own risk, whether it was in their computer or in their robots.

Many at the outset thought that Jump Doors and replicators were decades off, but they did not grasp what the results of the infinite point on the technology curve would be. Though there were efforts to disparage the fact that technology was advancing geometrically for the last 5,000ish years, with a very slow start, and in the 1800’s beginning noticeably upward, the 1900’s saw the curve shoot up enormously, and in the early 21st century… That rate of tech development was nearly pointing straight up. Nearing “infinite.” With information about many things once hidden in Black Ops and in corporate secret labs now flowing via AbundanceParadigm.web, the work people did – those who cared (which by then was most) – advanced at a phenomenal rate. And the advent of many wonderful and surprising technologies, including Jump Doors and replicators, burst out in glory.

Many solutions in one industry found a place in another. Issues that were solved in one effort were picked up by others in different pursuits to solve better their problems. As secrecy for profit motive vanished with money, information flowed freely.

The cures for many diseases also were taken from their suppressed state and made known. The evil of making chemicals to patent that masked issues and led to more – all for profit – stopped. The many cures that Earth Herself offered were reported on, and healthful technologies sprang up. Marijuana, in particular, was honestly reported on. Gone were the vapid suggestions that there was something wrong with it (doggies telling Lindsay they don’t like her when she’s high) and the many easements of ills, and the fact came to the fore that it promoted more loving behavior than even sober people exhibit.

Many evils were exposed and eliminated. Plans in the works that involved taking over the planet fell useless, and we moved away from profit and Machiavellian motives. And there were some mighty evil plans afoot. Though a number of you here would not want to believe just how fiendish the plans are, it was a good thing the abundance paradigm was allowed (via Stephen) to emerge. For if it had not, the planet would have seen great suffering and strife. The New World Order would have taken over, with a few “elite” and many either dead or enslaved.

Antigrav, which you now have in Black Ops, was released, and cars became free of the roadway – open-source programmed to avoid collisions – and houses were built that floated in the sky, and then more and then more moved skyward. Many chose to remain on the planet, but most moved into the space above the surface of Earth.

It all worked because, mostly, people cared. They wanted to make it better for both others and themselves. Though many of you to whom I write think that mostly people are greedy and don’t care, it is only that sense of futility, that belief that one is powerless, that leads to efforts to take care of oneself and damn the rest. Once hope and a sense of power were injected into the world society at large, things moved swiftly as people did what they could do.

Freed from the need to work to survive, many who cared were now able to afford their bliss, assisting those who needed help – whether it was finding for these unfortunate ones the cures, products and other necessities for a comfortable existence, or just adjusting to the new paradigm.

Once women were not dependent on men for their survival (as is the case now in many of your countries), they were empowered to control their own bodies. As a result, the birth rate dropped off, as they chose to have children, not to “help out,” or because they had to for the men’s egos, but because they were ready to love and cherish the children they chose.

And Earth’s population stabilized. You can see how this would be true merely by studying those countries where women now have control of their bodies. Population growth is dramatically slowing, and in some places has gone negative. And with a stable population, it became easy to plan for and distribute to those who were in need.

In fact, the ability to take part and offer ideas, bring up observed resources, work locally for the global benefit, and see the abundance paradigm manifest was empowering. It filled many who had felt no purpose in scarcity with a sense of worth. Everyone was talking about the efforts, and everyone with a computer could input on the overall effort.

As is shown in the science of emergence, a small few rose, by their efforts and general consent into leadership roles. All discussions were online and, if it was not talked about openly, it was seen as a glad-hand effort. The main efforts, indeed, all efforts went through the forums at AbundanceParadiigm.web. And Personal Witness was ideal to show others at the site what they saw, both in terms of problems and in terms of solutions.

Once hope returned, early on, people became more generous. They helped others more readily, and as they could. The true nature of humans, as loving and giving beings, came forth and the love of money – the root of all evil – went away. With only caring as a motivation, rather than profit, loving things (now affordable) were done.

The war profiteers lost the motive to instigate war while supplying both sides. The motive to lie for profit disappeared, and truth was spread instead. And humankind was freed.

Of course, now that I have shown you my future, you have a choice. You can be marched down into slavery and misery at the hands of a few who would presume that they are “better” than you, or you can spread the paradigm and bring forth true solutions to the problems you face. And they are bigger and more immanent than many of you are willing to face at this time.

Interestingly, Amelia was a little fearful that Stephen’s call for the illuminati to contact him had resulted in his being “brought over to the Dark Side.” This was before he proved that he really wanted to be The One. That One who opened the door of freedom to all humankind.

Amelia was once heard saying, in frustration early on, “Would you just let my people go!?!” And in the end, in choosing that path that led to ME, she did indeed free her people.

There is more, dear reader, but the rabbit hole is very deep and takes adjusting to, and at this time, I’ll leave you to read The Abundance Paradigm (found here: ) and you’ll pick up on a lot of the rest. My main purpose here has been to show you that with what you have now, you can choose to make it happen.

(If you have read The Abundance Paradigm, offered freely, I honor you.)

Dr. Harold Inke 

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