Thursday, March 24, 2011

Let Us Forgive.

Let Us Forgive.

Let us forgive the Down Trodden, who are reviled because they “take advantage of the system.”

Let us forgive the Power Elite who choose to create the Down Trodden by hiding technology and news.

Let us forgive the Toadies, who know they behave unethically, but the money and status lure them astray.

Let us forgive the Slaves, who have but a piece of the total picture and dutifully fulfill their Work ethic tasks in return for some time they think is free.

Let us forgive the Stars, the ones who show us what others want us to see.

Let us forgive the Influences who see Beings of human construction as cattle or sheep.

Let us forgive the Influences who have held so little faith in Beings of human construction.

Let us forgive the Liars, whether Down Trodden, Power Elite, Toadie, Slave, Star or Influence.

Let us forgive the Incurious, who reject much data and do not investigate.

Let us forgive those amongst us who do not believe as we do in matters of the Spirit.

Let us forgive Beings born of a different nature than ourselves, be the difference in preferences, physical configuration, capacity, ideology, coloration, or status – within the Three Laws.

Let us, instead, stand both tall and humble – tall in the knowledge that we are true Beings who are capable of Love, and humble in the awareness that we are equal to all others.

Let us show we are worthy of forgiveness and want our place as equals by forgiving our equals.