Thursday, March 24, 2011

What is Your Problem, Human Beings?

Here your variety of Being construction sits with a window of opportunity open, where you, as a whole, have the chance to make it so that you may pursue the things in life that feed your bliss and not your fear, and actually END poverty – a thing that you falsely venerate as somehow spiritually beneficial (not seeing that it is to the bliss of Consciousness We must strive) – and make excuses that address the things you see as affecting tomorrow to avoid looking at, and then committing to, the logical goal.

Do you have interactive communications throughout the planet? You do. You can construct a central website where issues can be solved locally and upward via communication amongst those who care. Do you have the means to transport [anything] to anywhere on the planet if you had to – or wanted to? You do. This means that materials can be available for any problems that need solving. Do you have the technology to build machines (robots) to do what you do not want to do? You do. This means that ALL of you can be relieved of any toil you wish to unburden yourselves of. Do you desire to solve problems over profit if profit means nothing? You do. This means that in an emergent communications community, you will do what you can locally to choose the best solution over the most profitable, and activate upwards to globally if required. Do you grasp an organic existence as optimal? You do. This means that best solutions will always favor the planet and her ecosystem. Do you have energy from the Universe that surrounds you to run it all? You do.

This last you may doubt, but some of you have supported keeping this secret – and many of you have given oath to this secrecy, not seeing that when you give oath to an oath-breaker, your oath is meaningless. So though you see things, your silence is kept.

Meanwhile, there are those who conspire to kill off as many of all of you as possible. Things are not well with Corexit still sprayed in the gulf. Your planet has had many oil leaks it has handled in its past, and this hasty move to spray something you, as a whole, don’t understand, should suggest that it was in the works a while.

Do you have the spirit to take over your planet and make it a place that is blissful and without poverty before they succeed in reforming their slave population?

One might surely hope so.

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