Thursday, March 24, 2011

We, as Beings Human

We, as Beings Human, step up now and claim
The planet Eridu and its system frame,
From sun to distant Pluto. It is our birthright
As Ea’s children, made all within his sight,
His blood and feather gifted, we now make claim.
A loving Royal family, we own blame
For how our planet is being moved to ill
For choosing not to see it all. Our will
To fail to factor in the things we would shun
As real, to fail any investigation,
To live on faith alone, will be our downfall.
No more, We say, seeing, heeding our birthcall.
Our system is open to those who choose three
Ethical Laws to live by, and bid welcome.
We herald abundance with positive sum
Energy taken from the fabric of space
Uplifting each of us, the whole Human race
Into the Gods of creation We must be
For conscious co-creation, setting us free.
We choose, consciously, to strip money away
Thus giving abundance to all, and to say
We encourage organics – stress it, in fact –
And seek best solutions and not what is backed
By money. We use our tool, the internet,
For governance and trial; problems will beget
Solutions. Our civic duty We accept
And vote with flags on what We want to be kept
In our awareness, because We truly care,
And offer solutions should any be found
When We see them as We are looking around.
Robots, machines, can handle the things that no
One wants to do but that are needed for flow
Of functional society. We will be
Given opportunity and thereby We
Are free to find our bliss within the three Laws.
We cast away all the fears that give us pause,
Let flow information though we were bidden
To keep it secret, locked away and hidden.
In our Human grace We strive to rise above
The poverty of evil, acting with love.
Thus We, as Beings Human, come forth to take
Our throne collective, and heaven we will make.

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