Thursday, March 24, 2011

Star Trek and Answers

A little story (I take no credit, having forgotten who told me this, but for the storytelling, which is mine):

A man from the early 21st century found himself transported by some time anomaly into the 24th century Star Trek universe. He is welcomed there and given a large house. He is shown the operation of the replicator and shortly left to his own devices. Gleefully he approached the replicator and began having it create gold dubloons. Soon, he has a room full of them. A room full of gold, stacked and toppled sat there, delivered from the replicator and accumulated in the room by the house robots. He stood, looking at the dream he had held since a boy.

He moves on to fill a room with mink, and other precious furs fashioned into lovely coats and other accessories. He looks over these amassed riches with glee, thinking of all the women he could give them to in return for favors.

In the next room he poured gems - rubies the size of fists, diamonds, sapphires, and emeralds, all so brilliant. His heart sang to see this pile that stood higher than he. What he could get people to do with all THIS... Oh, he sang with happiness in his heart.

But then... He got to thinking.

With all he wanted provided moment to moment, why would HE take any of this from another, unless there was some meaning placed on the actual object presented? And he looked at all this wealth he had placed around him and laughed. He instructed his robots to put all the creations back into the realm of probability from whence it came, and, asking for a catalog of what was available to wear, wanting to blend in, at least visually, and got himself ready to go out to see what was out there, realizing that what mattered was not these physical things, but how one chose to behave.

And he had to deal only with the people he built a good rapport with. All others were irrelevant. And in that rapport, Love would flourish.

Now you may say, what's that got to do with global meltdown, something that takes place hundreds of years in the "future" in a fantasy universe?

Here's some things to consider:

We are at a place Now where we can create the moneyless society Roddenberry brought, and though our time traveler went hundreds of years in the future, the story does not say when things changed from this money-driven scarcity paradigm to an abundance paradigm.

The reason I bring you this story is because, in my efforts to bring the abundance paradigm to as many as I can, as an answer to the NWO, the aliens, and any others who would control us through money, I have encountered the objection that "greed" would be the downfall. I have encountered the objection that if money went away, "something else will take its place."

So the point of my thread here is to show the absurdity of these objections, and to again invite those who may be unaware of the tool I offer to help others see and understand not only the abundance paradigm, but how we can get there.

The tool is my book. I offer it freely, and am honored by all who choose to read it.

Thank you to those who do, and especially to those who spread the paradigm.

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