Thursday, March 24, 2011

I have an answer to the problems of the world.

As many of you know, I wrote a book. Though it seems to be a work of fiction, in it I provide a map for making things better for all nearly 7 billion of us.

I have stated that the book is free, and I want it to be shared because, in order to work, the map must be considered by some crucial number of us (it must reach the tipping point). Once that number is reached, our behaviors will shift and a heaven on earth will emerge.

To all publishers - whether it is printing my book out and gifting it to others, publishing the link on blogs, sending the link in email, whatever - I wrote the following letter to you:

Dear Publisher,

Whether you are a Web Publisher or a Print Publisher – even those who might print out copies of my work and give them away – I address You, all.

If We suppose that the ideas I offer, in my admittedly amateur work, my book, The Abundance Paradigm… If these ideas were encountered by many minds on this planet of Ours, what might be the worst possible scenario?

I say it’s likely, in worst case, that We would continue on this path of falling apart. All the scary things We see around us will continue to emerge – war, famine, water shortages, UFO sightings, economic collapse, blaming, deception, greed, desperation, tears and fears.

What is the best outcome? The one I see as most likely? That from the Many of Us, us Individuals of Sentience, We will join in behavior from which will be emergent the abundance We really could choose to bring forth with what we have now.

So when reading my work, keep in mind that the world of personal choice I give You to consider is not out of reach. Even from a most mundane perspective of what really is going on in Our Universe, We have what it takes.

But the ideas I offer must be spread to work, and spread widely. And so, if You choose to publish what I give freely, be it copies made and given or the link to the book, I offer my deepest gratitude.

Thank You,




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