Thursday, March 24, 2011

Who AM I? I am this Conscious spark

Who AM I? I am this Conscious spark – the manifestation of rational choice in a sensory soup of quantum events that co-respond to my thoughts and all others’. This co-response is the Now we all experience, the reality of things. Together we co-create Now, and as co-creators of the Universe we all have the choice to create in an ethical spectrum of behaviors. And it is through our behavior that we actually mold the clay of outcome in this quantum mechanical soup of reality. Thus, each of us contributes to what will be.

Given that we create together what we perceive, and given that the Creator is the one that creates reality, the sum of all consciousness, we are a part of the Creator AND we are each The Creator. We are Gods. (Who among us cannot say, “I AM?”)

Since we are all Gods, to control what we choose to create, the flow of information has been kept restricted. But that’s a path for another pondering.

We are all Gods, in our own right creators, convinced to wait for someone else to come and save us. Yet we have the choice to step into our power, as conscious co-creators – primarily Now because of the Internet and its ability to facilitate communication and community. As the Hopi say, we are the ones we’ve been waiting for.

Who AM I? Merely one who has chosen to do what I can to solve the problems of the world – nigh all of them – because I see the steps that we need to take to create that promised Heaven on Earth and want so badly for both its service to me and its service to everyone else. I step up to my responsibility as God amongst Gods, as it is I who sees what we could create Now for all of us. Hoping for the tipping point, I push into Awareness a paradigm, one of abundance – because I AM God, and I choose to create this for all of us. I AM a God capable of Love and will manifest this to the fullest I am given to do so.

Fear does not keep me from what I feel I must do, for I choose to feel no fear. I do not fear ridicule or retaliation, two of the most common attacks. Love is my guide and passion.

Your reality may vary.

I have a hard row to hoe – as Chris Anderson points out in his book, Free, on page 50:

Humans are wired to understand scarcity better than abundance. Just as we have evolved to overreact to threats and danger, one of our survival tactics is to focus on the risk that supplies are going to run out. Abundance, from an evolutionary perspective, resolves itself, while scarcity needs to be fought over.

So, I am up against a difficult shift of paradigm. Yet, because the reward is so great, I continue for all, in my open conspiracy for all on this planet.

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